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5/18/2015 c13 Pseudonym59
Oohhh I really liked this chapter. It was cool to see Charlie from the point of view of someone outside the whole student teacher thing, aka Harold. Things are heating up. :D
5/18/2015 c13 Guest
Ha- i like harolds insensitivity.
5/18/2015 c13 3KimberleySacha
Kind of a phsyco...i mean - 'a fling'?!
hope it straightens out...
please update soon! :D
5/10/2015 c12 Guest
I definitely feel like your writing has matured since you last wrote your other stories, and I think this story is your best one yet. The plot and characters are way more believable. I can't wait to see the relationship between Charlie and Jessie develop. You left us on a crazy cliffhanger!
5/8/2015 c12 rahbeam
Totally satisfying to FINALLY see Charlie act on his feelings but also totally infuriating that he did another runner! dying to read the next chapter, nice work :)
5/7/2015 c12 Avide1
I expected Charlie to take off and I didn't blame him, probably would've done the same. What a tough spot he and Jessie are each in.
5/7/2015 c12 Joanna
Love it! Please update soon, I can't stand the tension!
5/6/2015 c12 kera.danielle
No come back! I don't want to lose you again! Omg, this story is so good and heart wrenching at the same time. I feel like I can relate to Jess in a way, but not exactly.. Anyways, I really love this story and can't wait to see Charlie finally man up and not care anymore.. Anyways I love your story and hope for the update soon:)
5/5/2015 c12 8bulletproof.cupid
Totally adored her heart to heart with Logan. I think she needed to know and face her jealousy - and if it went on for long, that misunderstanding would have created quite a rift between them. I think in a way too, her 'failing' the class and having to shift courses around will help her too. She's a long way away from 'recovery' but she's awake now, and that definitely means something!

Her interactions with Charlie make me so nervous. Like a good kind of nervous, where you heart is beating erratically and you find it hard to breathe. They've got such a lovely chemistry and I like that he alone gets her. It makes me wonder what he's gone through. But yes, I think anyone could have seen the him taking off bit. It's become his signature move haha. You'd think it'd be Jess who would run considering her past, but yeah.

Can't wait for more terrific updates! Hope you're well x
5/5/2015 c12 3KimberleySacha
not really...seems to be the thing to do... ;D
I'd say its a pretty good thing that he's not going to be her teacher anymore... :)
please update soon! :D
5/4/2015 c12 Jess110
oh I saw that ending coming nearly the minute I started reading the chapter
5/4/2015 c12 munch n crunch
Finally an update! This was a chapter worth waiting for. Things are starting to get interesting. At this point, I'm curious to know how does Charlie feel for Jess. I'm sorry I might have missed it somewhere while reading your story but can you please clarify to me the age of Jess and Charlie. Your country's school set-up is a bit different from mine so I would really appreciate this information. Thanks! Hoping for a speedy update! Will be anxiously waiting for the next chapter!
5/4/2015 c12 1Taz176
Arghhh we finally get a kiss! Yay! I need to read more, please update soon! :)
5/4/2015 c12 2ilikedaisychains
Asdfghjk;'jlhglkzj so good, pleASE UPDATE SOON
5/4/2015 c12 4LittleLamb
Internally screaming right now on my train ride home. More soon! My emotions can't handle this!
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