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7/17/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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3/24/2022 c24 21WafflesandUnicorn
I hadn’t read this story in years. Randomly thought about it and decided to revisit it. I missed out on several hours worth of sleep reading about most of Spencer's shenanigans and have no regrets. A big cup of coffee fueled my ten hour work day. Finished reading when I got off work. Will you ever see this? I don't know. But I figured it should be made known that however many years later, this story is still hilarious and fantastic.
11/9/2017 c24 6ATACLC
Ahh, that was lovely! I loved the story, I loved the entire thing. You remind me a lot of two of my FictionPress friends and Spencer reminds me a lot of myself. Thank you so much for sharing this! :D
11/9/2017 c22 ATACLC
Haven't reviewed yet and I've been reading since I don't know, but I absolutely love your story! And then I saw "Singing in the Rain". My mind blanked out at "Gene Kelly", but when I saw the title I came down here to review! I love that song, it brings back so many memories! I used to hate it. Thank you so much and have two favorites!
7/8/2017 c8 13Shailaputri
You know your story is definitely an unique story...it is kind of reflecting some deep emotions. Though I wish Noah could be more in this...
5/16/2017 c24 26PassionateStylus
This story is awesome! Definitely not lacking in the humour category and I'm super happy with how everything turned out. I honestly don't know who I'd prefer Spencer to fall in love with. I actually kind of want a visual novel development where you can choose which character you want and read what happens next. Either way, you just know she's going to be successful.

Anyways, since it's currently 3am, I'm going to end my review here. I'll send you a PM later to discuss a certain topic if you're interested.

Thanks for the story!
5/10/2017 c24 5marzmez
I love Spencer! You ended "For Now". Does that mean there will be a sequel? And if you are still looking for a beta, I can do it. I have been a beta for several people (most currently Thalia Rhea.
10/29/2015 c25 zyanya204
You are amazing! Im totally lezballs over Spencer. Her humor is hilarious and i love how fleshed out she is. Imperfect and awesome and has absolutely no mouth-filter and someone I wish i could meet. It speaks to how great a writer you are. I couldnt stop reading til the end and now id be zombie walking into work and I dont mind. I hope you post a sequel as I do want to hear more about dimpled DogTags.

Keep writing! Keep inspired!
9/16/2015 c24 Guest
9/16/2015 c14 xoa
oh my God her parents are so damned-


Spencer deserves a better familY!
9/10/2015 c19 5mysterygirl450
Oh my god! This story is amazing. From the description I wasn't really into it but I gave it a try and I got totally hooked!
9/10/2015 c25 lizzy1414
Do you have the link please..?
9/10/2015 c25 Guest
Do you have the link?
8/23/2015 c24 annayh44
Cross Roads It was really different story. .I love every bit of moment . .Yup she didnt end up with anyone but still i hope its dog tag. .It was amazing story. .I love Benji hehe
8/22/2015 c4 annayh44
Dog-tag I will ship them lol he so good
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