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for Five and a Half

1/19/2016 c4 1SomethingWrongWithMe
I hope you'll continue it some day...
7/28/2014 c4 Ariane
So far, I think it's pretty interesting. I'm looking forward to the future chapters. :)
7/13/2014 c4 9PalindromeIsntOne
This is a heartbreaker, this story, so far. I mean, circumstances were already tragic from the outset, so it's essentially what I expected in that sense. Something you write when you don't feel like writing? Well, for that, it's even more incredible. The research and multiple characters in this are far beyond me when I don't feel like writing. But what I mean is: this is so well written.
In this chapter I think I especially like the physical descriptions of Gideon, getting to picture him more clearly and see how he's grown. I like how Bastian finally breaks out in anger and the cold split with Hanz at the end of the chapter is brilliant.
I think one thing I would also like to see is if there is any other pieces of hope/friends in Gideon's life outside of Bastian.
I also feel that Gideon is quite the paragon of a sweet nice child, to be always uncorrupted and generally nice and grateful to Bastian. I mean, Bastian has always been nice to him, but you know what I mean.
5/29/2014 c3 PalindromeIsntOne
Aw, the world building continues. (I know it, I'm telling you I just know my heart's going to hurt over this.)

I like how we get to see more of the family connections in this, and how you've written his brother as a they-never-quite-got-it relationship. It would be cool to see them interact, at least once, to see how they bounce off each other.

I definitely feel for Bastian. He made a great friend in a bad time. I think actually, you've got the atomosphere over so well you don't really need the paragraph starting 'Bastian was still very much a kid inside...' I think you can show and continue to show this without directly saying, drifting those feelings through each chapter.

'Til next time ;)
5/27/2014 c2 PalindromeIsntOne
Gah, you write such ridiculously adorable things. I like the way this is heading, skipping through their ages as they grow up. I can already feel the heartbreak coming and we've barely even started. If I keep reading it's gonna hurt me right in my empathy bone, I just know it.

Unfortunately I can't comment on historic authenticity, but I can tell you that it feels plausible enough to me. I already love Bastian and Gideon, I like how you can already see their personalities coming through in Gideon's mannerisms and Bastian's thoughts.

Quite short chapters, so I can't think of much else to say yet. It's an intruiging start and good luck! :)

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