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for Under The Bed

4/7/2015 c1 4markmark261
Nice little story with a good twist. Guess the actual monster was on top of the bed. Poor monster under the bed, not only a nightmare, but it must be a real pain getting the nacho residue off of his tentacles.
7/14/2014 c1 Kathryn.Lane
(who can't be stuffed to sign in) hahahaha, nice story :) the twist was awesome! my fav line; "dude, you have got to stop eating mouldy nachos before you go to bed.'' AWESOME! anyway…one suggestion, maybe find a way to give the monsters names? obviously you dot have too, its great anyway, but i dunnno, it might help the reader to connect with the characters more? just a suggestion though :) great writing and thanks
6/23/2014 c1 2ImmortalityCertificate
Great twist! I really liked where you took the story. One thing I think you could improve upon is your dialogue and description. The speech of your characters did the job alright, but it seemed a little forced. Also, I think you could have made the scene much more vivid and atmospheric-there would be a bigger payoff when the reveal was made. Still, an awesome little piece with a cool ending.
6/3/2014 c1 Melusine Stafford
That was adorable!
Classic twist.

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