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for Ode to My Mailbox

2/2/2007 c1 12TMorseCode
Wow. Um... odd. Amusing.
7/29/2005 c1 Mizu Sennyo
LOL this is really funny! nice job!
5/18/2002 c1 3Lemmings12
Very witty! lol!
5/6/2002 c1 24Sempai Sunny
Kel-kins! I have loved this poem forever! Write more! I luv ur poetry! -theb
4/26/2002 c1 7Ex-Smurfette
I BLOODY LOVE THIS POEM !i loved it when you read it at sig! SIG RULES! ok welll... you are a really really neo maxi zoom really good writer and if you stopped writing it would do horrible things to my troubled mental state... keep on writing ma friend...bloody luck to you...
11/19/2001 c1 Raberba girl
lol; I liked the last line. :p
9/20/2001 c1 7Katze
*snigger snigger* Oh that's funny!
7/25/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
**giggles** Heehee! I love sillyful poems. This was certianly sillyful. I wish I could have heard a dramatic reading from your esteemed self, m'dear. -ArwenAria18
7/22/2001 c1 violet's sis
well i would perfur to marry one of the flowers underneith of the mailbox but that is just my oppion but dont listion to me i know nothing i dont even know how to spell prefur
7/5/2001 c1 RayDeuce
You have *way* too much time on your hands . . . but nice rhyme scheme.


::Ducks out door::
6/30/2001 c1 Liz Green
::single tear runs down cheek:: That was beautiful. Simply beautiful.

It almost makes me feel guilty about that thing your mailbox and I did last night with the bucket of soapy frogs.
6/24/2001 c1 16Jade Mystique
LOL all hail the almighty Pie, friend of chamber pots and mailboxes! now this is COMEDY man!
6/23/2001 c1 6lener

marry your mailbox?

this is too funny
6/22/2001 c1 suzy-qryo-ohko
suzy-q: Hey! Great poem! It's really poetic and hilarious! Keep 'em rolling!

ryo-ohko: thats was good and funny! but you know another good life long friend? tv of course! how can a kid get through 11 years of his life without it! uh oh, g2g
6/19/2001 c1 Fish
I like this one the best!
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