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for Reverie of the Unforseen

8/2/2014 c7 youroldfriend
okay this is unfortunately NOT a review of your story. sorry. i want to read it, but i just havent got the time now. i will, though. anyway, i know this is a very very very WEIRD place to write a non-review note, but it's the only way i could contact you (PM sucks, and i think it hates me hahaha).
anyway, you know me. and i am of course, not stupid enough to write my name out in public. but suffice it to say that we were (and still are, despite what you may think) really close friends in grade school and high school. hint: your last text to me (that i received) was about the amoeba in your parasitology class.
anywaaaay, i wanna talk to you. but all other mediums of communication are non-existent (phone died. and you know fb and i dont get along hahaha. email isnt recommended. seriously. DONT email me. will explain when i get to talk to you) so anyway. i just wanna tell you to go on skype. and PM me. my username is my 1st name (just the 1st one, not the complete first name) and then my surname and the number dalawamput-siyam (in numerical form). no spaces.
talk to you soon sweetie.

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