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9/25/2017 c21 Riintheazure
I just found this amazing stories i've ever read. I finished it one day and got so much laughing and crying so badly in the end.

Oh my, i love this story so much! You are such as a great author.
9/25/2017 c21 laurin.violentika
I've been read this story twice and can't hold myself from crying reading this.. This story is really amazing and touching one. Wish you two would like to write more stories like this, except the sad ending.
11/3/2014 c20 Guest
So, I kept putting off reviewing, but I finally got around to it. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your story an do was really sad with the ending, but, the rest of the story almost makes up for that. Keep writing!
10/5/2014 c20 1Brendan Aurabolt
"We have agreed on a certain number of comments/reviews/pm's that will dictate a continuation."

This is called holding the story hostage.

The only people you hurt when you do this is yourselves and that is because the people you piss off are readers like myself who know this tactic all too well. IT. NEVER. WORKS. And this will be the last story you write I ever read if you even think about doing it again.

Not against Fictionpress's Terms of Use biut should be.

That said, only 4 people have reviewed this story since it was first written: Myself, Kristna Fox and two guest reviewers. The last review before this one was on September 13. You're not going to get what you're asking for plain and simple.

So I will consider this the final chapter for now.

I liked the buildup to Garin's final showdown though I wish Rynz had been properly introduced sooner. There were two teases, yes but I mean a proper introduction. It felt like all you did was give "the ruthless assassin" a name in this chapter and it felt rushed. Both Rynz and Garin are assassins so from a certain point of view, he was just doing his job when he stabbed Nadia. It was nothing personal. You needed to do a better job of explaining why Rynz's methods are worse than Garin's. They're both trained killers, after all.

On the other hand, Nadia's story definitely needs to be continued. I have a few ideas in that regard on how it could look and will PM you the details.
9/13/2014 c19 Danielle Pokorny
I've been playing "catch-up" today with this story, and I'm kicking myself for not reading the last three chapters sooner! They were so good! I can't wait to read and find out who this new villain is.
8/18/2014 c16 Danielle Pokorny
Yay! Two new chapters for the price of one! Or at least, that's what it feels like to me. Anyways, I'm glad Garin and Nadia are finally together, and I'm interested to see how Javik and Garin do on missions.
8/17/2014 c16 Brendan Aurabolt
Well, damn O.O;

Garin only works alone though, right? I hope nothing goes horribly wrong O
8/15/2014 c14 Brendan Aurabolt
Well holy shit O.O

Talk about a bombshell!

The only possible way out of this that I can think of is the contractor is asssassinated. Please tell me that's a possability!
8/15/2014 c14 Danielle Pokorny
Between Javik's good news and Garin's decision, this chapter made me so warm inside! I do look even more forward to see how Nadia takes it, though, something tells me whether good or bad, her reaction will be confused with it.
8/14/2014 c13 Danielle Pokorny
Just got through reading the story so far, and I'll say this, I loved it! I'm so glad Garin is finally realizing his true feelings. Poor Nadia, though! She's so confused about them. Anyways, I can't wait to read more!
8/13/2014 c10 Danielle Pokorny
Poor Garin! Good thing Nadia was there to help him with his shoulder. Speaking of which, the dark humor involving how he hurt was great! I'm kind of a fan of black comedy myself. lol
8/12/2014 c7 Danielle Pokorny
Yay! I'm so glad to see Javik again! Kida sounds so adorable, though, I do wonder just how old she is if she doesn't have teeth but doesn't need a wet nurse, since I'm pretty sure my little cousin was on a mix of formula and baby food even after a few of her teeth had come in. However, I don't know if that's normal or if she was just a special case... I'm probably just overthinking it, I have a habit of doing that. ;
8/12/2014 c5 Danielle Pokorny
This chapter was really good, and I just love the healer. I do hope we'll get to see more of her in future chapters. I do feel so terrible for Nadia, though, after the revelation about the king. Hopefully there will be someone else in her life, if not Garin (although I hope it's with Garin), then Javik. I forgot to say how much I liked his character. Anyways, expect more reviews, if not tonight, then tomorrow.
8/11/2014 c3 Danielle Pokorny
I'm enjoying this story so far and plan to read the rest tomorrow. I promise to give more detailed reviews then. ;)
8/8/2014 c13 HaddieHo
Yay! A new chapter! I SO can't wait for the next to how Nadia's reaction ;3
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