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for ORCHID: The Scandinavian Interlude

3/30/2015 c3 3Katsurou Shimizu
I just had the oddest thought that Azure geassed Harkness into shooting himself when I reached the cliffy. Nevermind, he'll stay alive. You sink my Azure x Tsukiko ship before ROSE begins, I'm writing Tsukiko x Mister Grumpy Paws Hentai fics.

Secret agent Yoda departs. Art of Jedi skillz geto.

But dammit Azure, you should have known that something is amiss when the weapons are all out in the open. Your naivety frustrates me to no end at times.

"I nevair fought so hard in my life!" Normally these lines are accompanied with moments of badassery. Here, you subvert it to a pathetic death.

His first time playing leader, and he gets an F grade. Tsuki-chan will not be pleased.

(Like the other readers, I'm still hoping for the invisible next button to show up.)
3/29/2015 c2 Katsurou Shimizu
Your bait about Singapore has worked, Wong. Guess I have no choice but to catch up u

While I coined a term after a certain RAOSC writer for his propensity to kill off characters, I feel that you deserve a similar moniker. You do have the penchant of conjuring the most detestable Maxwell-worthy characters and let them do the killing.

Azure's trip was going pretty nicely, with all the tough moral choices that tested his leadership capabilities, with his new Yoda sensei guiding him along, and then he comes back and bam!

Anna. Wongified.

Can't agree more with Xavier's final quote in the chapter. You don't get to be a successful leader by being a yes-man.
12/1/2014 c3 7Daniel Kozaki
Longest chapter so far...
Another month, and they're still alive.
'Among them, the burly bald and bearded man...' - alliteration makes it sound weird imo.
Again with the Xavier mystery...
And as usual, action, action, action, whammy end!
Another tragedy to break our poor MC.
Do complete this installment, Wong, I won't think of favoriting it until you do.
12/1/2014 c2 Daniel Kozaki
Hm, I wonder why you decided on a 4k words chapters instead of the usual 2k... Probably because of the slower pace and thoughtful nature of the story as opposed to the tense helltrain that is ORCHID.
Eep. Death zone? The Empire sent a hero-turned-murderer into labor in death zone? Still, I wonder... the foreshadowings in ORCHID showed that Azure is not just an ordinary mana manipulator...
Oh, I see, maybe not yet.
Hmm... the harsh consequences of using nuclear energy... subtle yet powerful theme there; our world doesn't have mana to purify radiation that can last millions of years...
So one month has passed, uneventfully...
'...vivid red splotches and thick black streaks ravage her left hand, rendering it nearly unrecognizable.' - ouch, Wong!
'"This camp exists in order to destroy those who labor within, after all."' - Xavier, that's just another way to say, 'Welcome to hell, Azure."
'"I'll do it..."' - I guess MCs aren't meant to be sensible huh... Still, getting over the fence was the easy part, huh... philosophical journey...
Xavier... the fan becomes the teacher... Either he'll be one valuable companion in ROSE... or he'll die. Knowing you, I say 60% chance goes to the latter.

One chapter left!
12/1/2014 c1 Daniel Kozaki
And... here I go, reading another Wong...

Good, refreshing descriptions as always.
Googled Loviisa. Church and reactor, nice!
Nuclear Incident... World War II? Was it a mana particle-bomb gone wrong or something?

'"The overseers in this place are not as hard of heart as you may believe, Azure. They are simply ordinary men doing what is expected of them. You may be surprised to learn what you may acquire merely by asking."' - interesting character, to be able to say that. And he's quite articulate too, I see, yet not Mercutio-style, but more delicate and not... as Mae would put it, 'Talking out of his a**'.

'"You're a criminal. Criminals don't have rights."' - oh joy. I see another Ephraim on the horizon.

'"I already tried to fight for those I love once, and I only lost them all faster."' - ah, I see. Azure is as full of doubt as always, and now, a different kind of doubt: he's bitter. Still, he's doing fine, so far.

Well, and before I know it, already finished the 4k worder. Good read as always. Will see how it goes from here!
11/6/2014 c1 3Katsurou Shimizu
It's been a while, Wong. *w*

As much as I would love to get pricked by ROSE, I think it'll only be fair to myself and you that I pop by this interlude and see how Azure-kun struggles to get out of his everlasting ebony.

Would make good reference material too.

Azure's current state of mind is better than I've expected. He had not completely given up on himself, and his intervention to save the woman and child is as powerfully reminiscent as the very first chapter in ORCHID. But there's no doubt he is hurting, and all the self-questioning reminds us so.

Xavier is sneaky from first impression, perhaps even intentionally so. And yes, I spotted the Jax reference *w*

Harkness needs to stop playing with his gun.

Writing is as delicious as I have fondly remembered, with a touch of poetry at times to make it even more flowery. Sometimes it comes across as needlessly verbose though (I suffer from it myself), like here:

['tiny signal lights, in the vast ocean of space']
- Vast is redundant, since it's inherently implied by the nature of the ocean itself. In fact, I'll argue by extension that 'tiny' is redundant too with the juxtaposition, but I'm not here to lecture about writing 101 lol.

That's it for now. I'll pop by for more soon ;)
7/2/2014 c3 3Miles Montgomery
Agh! Damn cliffhanger! Need more now, Wong! Hurry!

I know Azure made it somehow. I hope I'm right.
7/2/2014 c2 Miles Montgomery
Is Xavier molding Azure into becoming the leader the world needs, somehow, someway? Just who is this guy?!
7/2/2014 c1 Miles Montgomery
The same type of writing I've come to expect from you, Wong. Entrancing and spellbinding. Interesting chapter. So far, though, I don't trust Xavier.
7/2/2014 c3 6Darth Zannacross
So, our princess is psyche now is she? Must have been a new trick lol. Well, since you said this story was about how Azure escaped and found a new purpose, him dying at this moment would be quite a lie, that would mean Azure is even more of a failure then I previous assumed lol. You know everyone keeps believing in Azure but so far I have seen little to show why such faith is earned, guess we will hopefully see.

So, this escape plan failed horribly, guess they overestimated just how skilled they are, though I wonder even more if Xavier is a double agent, guess we will find out soon. Heh, the powerful may not have the will of those they repress but half the time they still win over all, depends on how serious they are.

Well, one way or another the stakes have been raised, looking forward to where it goes from here, keep it up and once more till next time.
7/2/2014 c2 Guest
Something about Xavier makes me wonder if he is a double agent or something, someone is testing Azure? Guess we will find out. I do wonder how swiftly they put this prison together if they had old mana healing stuff lying around, this is like Resident Evil with the Green Herbs all over again, sort of lol. So, another person Azure failed to save, for that matter its a odd way to set up a jail with having family units in one jail, at least in Nazi death camps few if any male sons were with there mothers, but I suppose this is not quite a death camp, so far.

So, we will see how it goes from here, keep up the great work.
7/2/2014 c1 Darth Zannacross
Well, this is not what I was expecting but, interesting never the less. Haha, Azure escaping imprisonment is a minor thing you say? We will see. So, for a jail it could be a lot worst I suppose, Azure at least has some good roommates, well, compared to what he could have.

I wonder if he will pull off a great escape? Guess we will see if he can do that and find a reason to still care about helping others, till next time.

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