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for Wrongly Convicted

7/25/2015 c1 8LorrahBear
This is a superb first chapter. It flows really well, and paints an excellent picture of her home life as it was. I look forward to reading more from you!
7/20/2015 c5 Guest
Wow. I kept waiting for Bryn to show her temper. What a temper! Great show of character in this chapter.
7/20/2015 c2 Guest
I find this as a complete filler chapter; maybe add something of more substance? I like the relationship that Bryn has with her grandparents. At least she has someone in the world to be there for her. Maybe add more elation and comparison to being out of jail, and the enjoyment of restrictions...? Kind of hard to say. Great writing!
6/11/2015 c4 cat10985
Just read all the chapters and I love this story! It's so good and keeps me on the edge of my seat. Reminds me if some of Linda Howarda books I have read! I am hooked and can't wait to read more! Great job!
6/10/2015 c4 3naughtyfantasies101
Love her character! Update soon :)
6/9/2015 c4 Just Me
It's so exciting! The length of the chapters rnt too short and your story line is brilliant! I can totally understand Bryn's anger! I would probably react the same way if ever in her situation tbh
Can't wait to read more! Please update soon!
5/14/2015 c1 BellaOrange3591
AHHHH! I've read every story you've posted on Fictionpress and Fanfiction. I was so sad when you took down Silent Whisper (are you going to repost?!) I can't wait to read this story! I love your character dynamics. They're so real and relatable! So damn glad that youre back in the "business"!
5/14/2015 c3 A
This is your rolling chapter. I'm excited to see where this is going to go. Jason seems to be suspicious already, and I have a feeling that these two are going to make a great team! You should go back to the first couple of chapters and put this same sense of excitement in. This is an excellent chapter, and I absolutely can't wait for the next one to come out!
5/14/2015 c1 A
Short, but intriguing. It's a good way to grab the attention, but I think that you should have made the "three years later" portion a little longer, and possibly a hint of whats to come based off the summary?

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