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for All Alone

7/29/2014 c6 5ramblingrobin
I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO DO THAT! AHHH! I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO KILL KAI! I cried. I blame you. I'm very glad Rei has his chance to shine, though! Ugh... I knew you were going to kill him. .
7/29/2014 c5 ramblingrobin
Yay! Rei graduated!
7/29/2014 c4 ramblingrobin
I liked this chapter. They have such a sweet bond. I love how Kai wants to take care of Rei. I feel so bad for Rei. He's having such a hard time. The part where Kai stole his guitar was great! His poor baby was stolen! *giggle*
7/29/2014 c3 ramblingrobin
His parents are terrible! Why are they so mean to him?! I identify with Rei. I had a lot of trouble in high school and missed a lot. They told me I wouldn't be able to graduate with my class. I ended up dropping out and getting my diploma through a program at the local community college. So, I know how Rei feels. Poor guy.
7/29/2014 c2 ramblingrobin
Poor Rei! Did he even get therapy after his kidnapping ordeal? And Kai probably feels so guilty that he wasn't the one taken and he can't save Rei from his pain. I'm concerned about the foreshadowing here... are you gonna kill Kai? Rei will be crushed! O.O
7/29/2014 c1 ramblingrobin
Awww, poor Rei. I'm so glad he has Kai to love and support him. wth is wrong with his parents?! grrr I like how you've shown their personalities. They are very sweet together.

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