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6/3/2015 c7 2EllySky
You're wrong!
It is a perfect chapter :-* keep the updates coming! Don't make me come after you?
5/29/2015 c7 Guest
its been like 8 months dude, it's not just that easy to get right back in like you didn't leave us hanging!
2/25/2015 c6 EllySky
Just discovered this! I LOVE your last story. This is just as brilliant. You should do a sneaky chapter from Ana and Seths POV... If you love me that is flutters eye lashes xxxxxxxxx
12/22/2014 c6 RandomGirl
I love this story and I really can't wait for you to continue the story!
11/13/2014 c6 Ages
It's been a while since I've read your stories, and honestly I'd forgotten how cute your stories are. It's fast paced (maybe a bit too fast paced? try focusing on descriptions more though the dialogue is great) and great for light reading.

I know its been awhile since you've updated, but I really hope you'll give us some more soon. I
10/10/2014 c6 Guest
tired of you not updating..done
10/5/2014 c6 Guest
wow can you update its been like a month and a half
9/29/2014 c6 Guest
9/25/2014 c6 Guest
can you pretty pretty please update1?!
9/18/2014 c6 Guest
update boo update!
9/15/2014 c6 Guest
upppdattteeeeee pleqaasee
9/7/2014 c6 Guest
bruhhhhhh update
9/2/2014 c6 Guest
brahhh plz update
9/1/2014 c6 Guest
8/26/2014 c6 lina.07
Omg, I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud or else my roommate would've been like, "she cray" LOL but I did let it slip a little haahahaha. It was super mega hard holding it in. I did have a huge smile on my face though
I was also trying to hold back giry squeals bcuz it was really cute when Cassee was describing how she felt when she shook Aden's hand. SO CUTE.
I love these characters so much! I feel like they're real people and I just read about their life on a website.
Can't wait to see the goole image of Aden. Yesssss. Hottie with a pierceing ;)

Can't believe he kept a CD she gave him and awk because the last part where she says "I love you aden white" how embarrassing! And then the dinner was funny because they ordered foods that they hated lol and I was dying when she kicked sweet Angie! Lol and why do they keep hinting that they want Cassee to be with "Jake" and OMG he Audrina! Like do Angie and Mark not like her? Hmmm.

And the last part was sad :( she really loved him. Can't believe she was crying :(

Gahhh, I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCHHHHH 3 Wonder what the next chapter will hold :D
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