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8/25/2014 c6 Guest
ahhhhh update! after 3 weeks i think we deserve an update in succession! x
8/25/2014 c6 Jester79
I guess I understand why she didn't say anything about knowing Aden in the past - who wants to go there? Poor girl - maybe Audrina knew about the date and that it was "just as a friend thing". Although I can't understand how anyone would be ok with that. Surely, Angie knows about her - why would she encourage something like that?
8/25/2014 c6 story
sorry the writing is ok but life is not like you portray. in your story she was seriously hurt you don't let the person who hurt you back into your life so easily, you'd be to afraid you'll get hurt all over again. If he had cared for her half as much as she did him he would have kept in contact some how!
8/9/2014 c5 lina.07
omg. When Angie said that it wouldn't be Jonah i was like, oh snap, its going to be Aden. I can feel it! and then she said Jake and for a brief second, i thought, "middle name" but then I ignored it and quickly forgot and well, there it is. Surprise, surprise, Aden Jacob White. hahahahahhaha. That was really funny! I enjoyed that :)
Man, I love the conversations between these four. It's so entertaining and so much fun to read!

So, did Cassee like faint or something? Because she "slammed her face onto Aden's hard rock chest" ? I wonder if Aden was surprised to see Ana open the door. and man, Aden probably totally knew that it Cassee he was going to be going on a double date with. haha. Oh Aden White, he has such a catchy name!

Can't wait to read their double date! It's going to be fun! We are in for a very long friday night! lol
8/9/2014 c5 Jester79
Good grief. Apparently, she can't escape from him. I do love Tanner he would be an awesome brother. So what is he doing going on a double date if he has a girlfriend? Unless the best friend told him the name of the girl and he figured it had to be her. Can't wait for the date. By the way I absolutely love your long chapters. It feels like I've read something.
8/7/2014 c4 update
when wil you update omg
8/6/2014 c4 Guest
can you pleassseeeee update
8/4/2014 c4 Guest
can you please update?!
8/3/2014 c4 guest
update update update!
7/29/2014 c4 lina.07
Oh my goshhh. This chapter made me love tanner even more! 3 he loves cassie :) brotherly love is so sweet. This chapter also and me like Aden! He totally wanted to know if Cassie was taken or not! Haha. Not so slick there Aden. And damn girl is soooo right! Cassie burned that fool! Lol and its so bittersweet that they have to keep living after Chelsea. That everything changes and you just deal with it and move on...but that's how it is, huh? You just keep living :) and maybe philosophical Tanner is right. Maybe cassie and Aden are on their way to their forever. I'm really looking forward to that! Alsoo now he knows that she knows that he has a gf! I also still want to punch her hehe

Goshhhhhh. I LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH ALREADY I really liked this chapter :D
Wooooo. Can't wait for chapter 5!
7/27/2014 c4 Jester79
Well that made things a little uncomfortable for Cassee. I think he really wanted to know for his own benefit whether she has a boyfriend or not - real smooth. Tanner is absolutely one of my favorites he's so funny, but you can see how much he cares for Cassee. I always enjoy longer chapters. This wasn't that short but if you can make them longer so be it. I would love to read more.
7/27/2014 c4 je ne veux pas travailler
I'm really enjoying this so far. I love the contemporary aspect of it and as always, it's very well-written. Can't wait for more.
7/23/2014 c3 lina.07
I knew it was Aden that sat next to her! I can't believe he witnessed cassee calling chelsea. And so sad :'( AND she was there when chelsea recorded it too! Ahh. Just adds on to the pain girll
It was bittersweet what Aden said to her. And again, he's sitting next to her! I wonder what Cassee is going to say. What DOES Fate have in mind? *eyebrow wiggle* huh?

I like how everyone was talking about how Anais looked like Chelsea. Crazy. I wonder what went through Aden's mind when he saw her. I hope he shares that. And boo :( he has a girlfriend. I also want to punch her :(

And jonahh. Is something gunna happen there? ;) and I really like Angie! She seems cute and in love.
Anyway, Great chapter! I was super into it and then it ended and im nooooooo. Haha. Really enjoying this story! Love reading more about Cassee. Can't wait for the fourth ch to come out! :D
7/20/2014 c3 je ne veux pas travailler
This is so good! Please update.
7/20/2014 c3 Jester79
Naw, that wasn't to wordy at least to me it wasn't. I enjoyed seeing a bit into her thoughts. Jonah could be a good distraction but not make her happy maybe make Aden jealous. A very touching scene with the phone. This class will be interesting.
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