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9/2/2016 c40 Bmonti
I knew that Alex was going to die although it is rather sad :(, damn that Polly... I'm counting on the gift of earth to switch sides or Lena to stab one of them from behind with a kitchen knife Sam's dad better not commit suicide ... Thanks for updating like always
7/14/2016 c38 Bmonti

I didn't expect an update so soon again it makes me so happy
Thank you


sorry i cant write a longer review right now
6/29/2016 c37 Bmonti
I don't mind the huge gap between chapters as long as it gets updated eventually then I'm happy And i completely understand how busy a semester can get.
But i must say your killing me with this chapter its braking my heart to see 256 and Carey like this, I want them to be close again. I do wonder what 256 would say if he heard his friend had actually tried to rape Carey...
I wonder if they will be able to find his family, I don't like the idea of him looking for them on his own, so many things could go wrong.
Anyway as always thanks for the update! _
3/29/2016 c36 Bmonti
Two things that finally happened, finding out Carey used the gift of water to save 256, as well as her finally telling him that his friend is dead.
I'm sure 256 would not even have been mad if she had told him as soon as she knew that they where friends. I mean his reaction wasn't bad when he thought his friend had died a week ago, so her taking forever t tell him is what really got him upset with her. As for Janelle, I do hope she's making the right decisions, lately it feels like everything she decides has been the wrong choice or has ended badly somehow.
Also happy to finally know how Carey gets the other gifts, i never realized she got them by killing someone.

Thank you for continuing to update this story.
I think you should try to put it on wattpad aswell...
2/15/2016 c35 Bmonti
I don't think i quite understand what 256 feelings was there at the end... anyway these 5 chapters went by so quickly but it was amazing and awsum and I'm so glad they escaped, i dont quite understand the reasoning behind what the leader of the gifted was thinking when they only questioned Carey and 805.

for some reason i feel like the gift of earth could be very powerful if used right, like it could be used to suck other gifted into the ground so only there head sticks out and they cant do a think.

on a other note, how on earth will they be treated if they get to the new rebel group... 256, 805, and Carey are all gifted... and if they find out there probably going to be captured or hurt or killed...
Still waiting for Sam to blow up when she finds out there rebel group has been disbanded
Thanks for the chapter
2/15/2016 c34 Bmonti
Poor Sam ttoo bad she's not Bisexual so she could love no mater the gender of the person, love how Carey is contradicting herself with what she said to Sam hehe I'm mean she also thinks 256 shouldn't love her cuz he doesn't know her hehe

oh and finally Janelle figured it out what a relieve although I'm worried about her plan wont it be disturbed by the chaos caused by Sam's group...
2/15/2016 c33 Bmonti
I feel so sad for that poor boy i wish he had gone with them and the other women who died too
2/15/2016 c32 Bmonti
oh i just noticed you changed your name, poor servent girl, wonder if that women is inlove with 805 or something..
2/15/2016 c31 Bmonti
HEY! i have'nt had the time to read this story reacently i'm soo sorry, but on the plus side i get to read more chapters after one another now.

256 i love you i just wana hug you your sooo sweet worrying about your parents and about Sam's parents, kinda hope Sam slaps Janelle when she sees her again

Carey i hope your ok better go read the next chapter now
1/11/2016 c33 Esther
... What? Okay, so... Carey was the mysterious Gift of Water who saved 256 way back when? She has all the gifts? Sometimes? Only once? When she needs it most? She doesn't seem too surprised by this. When did she figure it out? What is it even, exactly?
I hope you update again soon! Things just got really interesting!
10/6/2015 c30 Bmonti
Hey! wow its gotten so dark i hope Carey will be able to save the day somehow

ANd i hope tom will be ok,

it was intresting to read about there history wish we had gotten more info though

anyway tanks for a great chap

7/3/2015 c26 Bmonti

So sorry i haven't been able to review internet has been down, well actually telephone pole fell down somewhere and there taking there time to fix the damn thing, its been a month and I'm still waiting... anyway, so glad Carey finally said something to Sam for being childish, and poor 256, he thinks she dosnt like him... but i don't know if she likes him... she's too busy thinking of her problems like her power(my theory that she saved 256 stays) and the friend of 256 that she killed... feels like a lifetime ago when that happened.

and i cant help but wonder what 805 is going through i feel so sorry for the poor guy i wonder how he would react to Sam's mother being dead, i hope you are not planning on killing him, why do i get the feeling that he is somehow later on going to die trying to save Sam and then Sam will be with him for his last moments and then it be sooooo sad or something like that, hope you don't mind my predictions if you do just tell me and i will stop.

Thanks for the chaps i enjoy reading them
5/3/2015 c24 Bmonti
Ahh nothing as good as finding out you updated when I'm suppose to be studying for my exams tomorrow

Ahh Sam still needs a good knock on the head, I wish someone would just tell er Sam stop acting like a toddler who didn't get what they wanted, you can fight and have a tantrum all you want later right now we have more important things to worry about.
She thinks her life sucks cus her father who is a gifted walked out on her mother... she should be happy he did that if he didn't and the gifted found out her mother would have been killed, dosnt she think of these things, but nooo all she can think is how dare he leave my mother alone, if it wasn't for him you would not have been born and your brother would have been taken away from your mother!

ok enough rambling haha you know the story is good when you can get someone so worked up about it
As always thanks for the update, still happy about Carey and 256
4/8/2015 c23 Esther
I feel terribly bad for Janelle... Really, I have this entire book. It's so sad to see her realise she made a mistake, but be unable to do anything about it. And you came so close to having her and Wesley realise about Carey! But they kept getting interrupted...
I like how 256 has forgotten some of the ways of the Gifted. It could have been a fatal mistake, though. And it's interesting to see 805 show emotion.
I'm so curious to see how 805 will react to Carey and Samantha! I can't wait for the next update :)
4/8/2015 c23 Bmonti
ahhhhh such a cliffhanger!

you know the other day i did a ruff manga like sketch of the beginning of the story where Carey is lying on the grass with the goats, and her brother comes and steals her place Its just stick figures right now but many many many years from now I'll do it properly and show it to you.
anyway back to the story

yay more talk of Westley and i almost forgot that Janelle didn't know the other guy has a gifted son... does the leader guy( who i still don't really trust) know that Thom is gifted?
so happy that this is a nice long chapter i really enjoyed myself.

ohhh 805 reaction to seeing Sam i cant wait... get the feeling Sam wont give him time to explain his situation, at least she was behaving a bit better in this chapter. hope she doesn't explode in the next chapter, but if she does i will understand.

anyway thanks a bunch for the amazing story it makes my day
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