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8/1/2022 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
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11/24/2015 c9 3Lady SeeGard
aww, so Mav has a tiny bit of soft side left!
AND - Rober waited 2 days for Celia instead of rushing for her. That's SO him. There's something I like about his attitude, really.
'You actually like the bastard,' he pronounced slowly, as if the very idea of her liking her husband was disgusting. Aww. Thumb up for this sentence!
Honestly overall this chapter might be my favourite one until now. You got me:
-Rober & Celia scene, their deepening their relationship.
-A new girl for Mav! Ah. I knew it! I can't wait to see what's next about her.
-Maverick and Celia having a serious argument. He has suffered the situation until know, now something's cringing. I can see why Celia character's evolution will bring her closer to Rober and further from Mav. Not sure it will last... Guess I'll have to wait the next chapter for that!

Have a great day and keep up the great job :)
11/8/2015 c8 Lady SeeGard
Well wow. I was not expecting such a thing from Celia. I guess this will change her - not sure if for the better, or just make her more heartless and calculating like everyone else in court - but I can definitely see her having problem coping with this later on.
Also wondering how will the king her when he's back - and Mav too. Is he getting back soon, please tell me yes! :D
Good job! L.
10/28/2015 c7 Lady SeeGard
"Observant as ever, my queen" how I love Maverick's sarcasm.
I also have to tell the one in this chapter has been my fav Celia's POV until now, I think I'm really starting to connect with her character :)
As for Maverick.. You really left us wondering what he's getting himself into. Good job as always Z.!
10/11/2015 c6 Lady SeeGard
I loved that you began the chapter with an excerpt from the chronichles.. a very important one I would say ;) Also Celia thinking he doesn't care and sees her as a royal prize only is so classic, I can totally imagine it. I appreciate so much Rober's thoughts, you have managed to deepen the character so much if comparing to the first chapters. Good job!
10/1/2015 c5 Lady SeeGard
Ooh, lovely chapter.
First of all, glad to see more of King Rober. He's turning out exactly the kind of character I like. Furthermore, quite liked Olivia too, is something wrong with me?
Another thing I like of this story is that right now I have absolutely no idea where it is heading :D
Hoping to see another installment soon! L.
9/27/2015 c4 Lady SeeGard
Ahaha so you were right about Muriel, just a witch aaww. But at least she fed him, didn't she? ;)
I'm waiting for a longer chapter next time.. I wonder if things are going to be easy or not for Maverick in that inn..
9/24/2015 c3 Lady SeeGard
Dear lost & found ;) So, I read your three chapters. First of all I have to admit I love historical romance, too sad you don't see many of them here around if not 'the innocent new girl arrives at court and hooks up with the cruel handsome prince/king' - not that I would dislike that, if well written. I do like cliche but the first thing that I appreciated of your plot, was that it didn't remind me of anything I had already read.
About the characters.. I'll share the thoughts that have crossed my mind, if it might be any help. The impact and the previous events drew me into sympatizing with the king, not really liking Celia (because she's living in a lie, I know she can't really be blamed, still...) and having Mav as the favourite one. I'm curious to know, is this intended? :) Every author's got a fav character of their own, is yours Maverick or was it just me? This last chapter left me almost hoping that Muriel could be a love interest for him..?
I would definitely read another chapter, I see you published the story more than a year ago and this leaves me wondering if you're a quick/slow updater, aaww. Hope it's the first option of course.
Nothing to say about the writing, I'm not in the position to judge grammar and language as you well know ;) BUT I can say everything seems well balanced - descriptions, dialogues, thoughts.
What I would like to see in a possible next chapter: Mav turning away from Celia for a while - he has been such a fixed point, I want to know what would she do without him. More King POV, a bit more insight to this character that stands a little behind in the trio. A view of Celia's feelings for the king - given that she has any, of course.
Last but not least, sad to see a good story has only my review for now when out there teenage craps get 1000 ;)
Have a great day,

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