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for On the Far Side of Deliverance

9/28/2014 c14 Allan4242564
Damn, mystery after mystery after yet another mystery, I'm probably going to have reread the whole story again in a few chapters to get a clear image of whats going on. xD
And I somehow find those "voices" somewhat cute, weird ha?
9/25/2014 c13 Allan4242564
I . . . . completely forgot this was rated M. . . .
Well, i guess there's a first for everything. errrrm, yea. idk what to say xD
o/o I'm just going to wait for the next chap i guess.
9/21/2014 c12 Allan4242564
Ha, channeling? Is that bad or good? xD
Great chapter, the story is just becoming more interesting. I really want to see what Adelaide is going to do next.
9/15/2014 c11 Andrea
Haha awesome chapter! I loved it! :)
9/15/2014 c11 Allan4242564
Idk why but i just started laughing xD
Can't wait to see what happens next :3
9/15/2014 c11 RomanceObsessed
He finally reappeared!
9/10/2014 c10 andrea
Wow, love the plot for this story. Its very engaging and interesting, plus the grammar is good as well. I look forward to more updates :)!
9/2/2014 c7 Allan4242564
Interesting, but why lie about being alone? hmmm. . . . i love these mysteries, but i sure am horrible solving them xD
8/16/2014 c5 whydoievenhavethis
Aw, I feel horrible for the family... that was written really well, by the way.

I really like Mattias and Addy, though I'm finding myself getting excited about Gabriel too... oh dear. I like very much where this story's going and I can't wait to hear more about Addy's condition!
8/14/2014 c4 2maldita-chan
Ha, so who's the next vessel? Gawin mu syang ala Chris Hemsworth o Brad Pitt. XD

And if you're going to ask me ako mismo indie ko na iniisip kung anong mangyayari at kung anong ginagawa ko pag galit pag ako galit All Hell Break Loose XD panigurado War ang utcome.

Rest and Update
8/11/2014 c4 whydoievenhavethis
Ooh, this is cool! I really love how you describe things... it really gets me into the story; the imagery is absolutely beautiful, and it really keeps me on edge in a very good way!
8/11/2014 c4 Allan4242564
o_o errrrrrrrr, now i feel really curious on whats going to happen
8/8/2014 c3 maldita-chan
Sorry I read it just now. My internet connection crashed yesterday. But awesome chapter ! A demon telling a person to be polite and say please. Now that is something new ! Update Update pag me time :)

Rest and Update
8/8/2014 c3 Allan4242564
Interesting so far, can't wait to see how this son of Lucifer comes into play.
8/4/2014 c2 whydoievenhavethis
I'm really interested in where this is going, and I love strong female leads! I can't wait to read more
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