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1/16/2022 c8 SeanneMarie
Hi, I really like with the story even I'm not finished yet. But I can feel that you have great writing skill. anyway I want to give you an offer, but may I know your mailing acc? I will be glad that we can talk it at mail. Also, werewolf works are currently in high demand on our platform, so I would like to offer you something related to it. Thanks
3/11/2018 c22 5ramblingrobin
Aww that was great! Makes me wish for more! I'm glad Nick is there too. Great story. Thank you for sharing it. Xoxo Robin
3/11/2018 c21 ramblingrobin
Baby making was never so sexy. Very nice. Xoxo Robin
3/11/2018 c20 ramblingrobin
Yay! The bond is complete! I can't wait to see how the heat goes. Yum. Xoxo Robin
3/11/2018 c19 ramblingrobin
Aww I love it. I really hope Nick is the unnamed mate! Xoxo Robin
3/11/2018 c18 ramblingrobin
Yay! I'm so glad they made up! Wonderful chapter. Xoxo Robin
3/11/2018 c17 ramblingrobin
I was so happy to see new chapters on this story. I really love it. So exciting they made it to the planet! And their relationship seems to be getting better. I'm very eager to see what happens! Xoxo Robin
1/13/2018 c22 LadyDe
Wonderful ending. Would love to read more from this world. Thanks for writing.
1/13/2018 c22 SoulC
Can't say I appreciate the rushed ending, but if having as much trouble with it as your update schedule suggests it might have been for the best.

Though what I really wanted to ask was, in what page I find the poll? A reverse search through google only brings me back to the story
11/12/2017 c18 2CoralReef1029
Can’t wait for more :)
Love the way the story is developing and all the world building you have done. Love the characters and the way Derek and Yuvile’s relationship is developing
11/9/2017 c17 xwolfyx
You write so well. I LOVE this story Please update soon!
7/16/2017 c15 5ramblingrobin
I'm enjoying the story. I can't wait typo see what happens next! Xoxo Robin
7/16/2017 c1 ramblingrobin
I have to admit, your warning on the first chapter had the opposite effect. This sounds like my kind of story! Looking forward to it. Xoxo Robin
7/12/2017 c15 Nagi
Omy god this is fantastic i really want more! XD
3/16/2017 c15 4Atomicpuffin
I stumbled upon this whole browsing for a new story and I'm so glad I did. It's really good and I'm enjoying these two alot! I hope you continue this one because I'm hooked and hate when I find a real treasure and then the author gives up on it. Good luck with the writing can't wait to see how Derek's first heat cycle goes. Yuvile will probably go crazy lol
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