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7/23/2006 c1 unspecified
omg SO relatable
6/25/2006 c1 44Amara the Warrior
This is definately a start. And I'm sure you've gotten better too. It takes a lot to put your feelings up on here. Good job.
3/17/2006 c1 17Unique1952
Wow, this is very good and really descriptive. Please keep up the good work in your writing.
2/26/2006 c1 droogie
this was, actually, very good. i loved it. sad, depressing, i just plain loved it.
10/1/2005 c1 35Strangerwithnoface
Interesting poem, I liked the concept, good subject too. Thank you for sharing.
6/18/2005 c1 6Abzy
very moving and very desciptive. the imagery you capture is very clever.
6/2/2005 c1 6selectivelysane
acurate and realistic...i like it. not many realize or try to explain the feelings caused by such an invasion. this is a powerful poem.
5/24/2005 c1 11Dreamy-Angel0427
this was really good! keep it up
5/8/2005 c1 14Angels-In-My-Heart
It's beautiful ,sad,and realistic I've been raped an those are all the right feelings to cinveyy and there is no such thing as cliche rape it is painful and leves yu full of shame period
3/28/2005 c1 156ShadowPharoh
excellent show of emotion. the delivery is cold, like she/he hated the world. i enjoyed reading it. great poem, greater poet!

10/8/2004 c1 19SheElf2
Wow...that was...wow
6/2/2004 c1 460Time To Change
very deep poem. sad too. makes you think. keep up the good work
3/2/2004 c1 21the cute lil dead girl
I really liked this...
3/2/2004 c1 34Angry Fairy
that's great, i've written a true poem about my friend who was raped, you should check it out, it's called "lost"
12/3/2003 c1 Zesty
I liked it, keep up the good work.
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