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for The Dark King's Shadow

10/21/2014 c11 sunny
Noooooo. :( You can not do that. I am going to cry.
Can i please go and hug Avniel?
Thanks, now I fear the next chapter...:)
9/16/2014 c9 sunny
Thanks for the update. :D
Stupid Lester always coming to false conclusions. He needs to learn to trust the king.
I loved it as always. :)
9/11/2014 c8 sunny
Aw poor, little, cute Avniel. He tries so hard. I hope there will be no war.
This story is really amazing. You have an awesome writing style and the characters have depth and are really likeable. Keep up the good work. :)
I cant wait to see Anviel as the best king ever. ;)
8/7/2014 c3 2BeCourageous
Wow. You're really good at writing and the plot seems SOOOO intriguing. I can't wait for more of this!

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