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for Worst Day at Camp

7/30/2014 c1 Pure Song
Rhea was standing in front of the group of girls, arms crossed. Esencio stood behind her leaning on the wall.

Why did there always have to be a group?

"You are called here today, girls, because we have received word that you are bullying other campers."

"I'm sorry, what? Who told you that?" Carol said in mock outrage Rhea could easily see through. Just like her own bullies used to do, they were trying to play innocent.

"Whoever told you that is lying!" Shanti said pitifully, trying to make the woman believe her.

"Girls, please don't try to deny it. We know it happened."

When she saw Rhea wasn't buying it, Janice began to cry. "I can't be-believe you're being so mean to us!"


The quiet words made all the girls look towards Esencio. The cook looked back at them coolly. "I hear you from the kitchens all the time. And there are security cameras around the camp. We have you on tape."

This was met with silence. The girls were caught, and they knew it.

"Now, here's the deal. For this, you all are losing all your privileges for a day. No activities, no play time, no swimming." At the indignant outcry, Rhea held up her hands. "Camp policy, girls. And camp policy also states that on the next offense, you will pack your things and we will call your parents to pick you up immediately."

"And we will tell them," Esencio said slowly, "exactly why you are being set home early and they will receive no reimbursement."

In the dead silence, Rhea stood at her desk, face calm and firm. "We do not tolerate bullying at Camp Creation. You all know this, you signed the rules stating you read them the first day. Follow those rules so all of us can have fun, that is what we said. Bullying someone else is no fun for anyone, and strictly against the rules. We'd hate to have to send you home early, but after all, rules are rules, and I for one stand behind them."

"Now, dismissed. You will spend the rest of the day in your cabins, and a counselor will be in there with you to discuss what you've done and why you felt it was necessary."
7/29/2014 c1 9Zoicite23
This is a beautiful and sad story about belonging. To me it seems like Ashlyn is having difficulty relating to other people and making friends. She's very creative, imaginative and has an eye for beauty but is lacking in social ability. I found her representation realistic. And I liked that although she had negative influences in her life, like possibly her mother, her brother Seth was a positive influence. Although since he wasn't at the camp that coping resource was missing. The three nasty girls did seem a little cliche to me, but that was easy to overlook in the light of everything else. Good job. *SBC*

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