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for The Day I Met You

8/20/2014 c14 Nabs
I like da it is not da end of them.:)
8/20/2014 c13 4Whori
I Remember this part! :D
8/16/2014 c10 Whori
erhmagersh and this is when it happens...;)
8/16/2014 c8 Whori
Lol well isn't he charming.
8/11/2014 c6 Whori
*cries* What a weenie!
8/10/2014 c3 Whori
Ooh do the swing-dancing part. :}
8/10/2014 c1 Whori
LOL I felt exactly the same way about bringing three bags to a five day camp XD And yesss I was right about his nose. :)

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