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12/3/2016 c4 Cassadaga
So good
11/28/2016 c19 Sweet thing
I love the story it is well written and and thorouly reseached like booners fake russian name is the namesake of the man who designed the ak-47 and ak-74 and when lisolethu "our eye" nyawuza was calling back gem he said "intombazane" which means "a girl" take out the i and it will be like taking out the a in the english meaning but overall love the story
9/4/2016 c19 Guest
"Nothing was happening but everything was right". Great line! And great story. I enjoyed Gemma, hwe devotion to and ability at her job. I liked the action, the whole crime-fighting storyline. AND having her relationship with Boone play out as it did was very nice.
8/29/2016 c19 1Susan Holt
Why don't you have around a million reviews, is a mystery to be solved. Thrilling storyline, loved both your installments. Top of the top! Feels like I've had too much sugar, but that's the Boone effect I guess. I like the work you've done with your characters. It was easy for me to connect and just commiserate, if you will. Kept me on my toes, made me excited and sad and content and a hundred other things that will take a day to describe all in here.
I should seriously be completing my thesis for uni these past few weeks... guess what I've been doing instead... ;)
Exquisite job, Carmel March, thank you!
8/11/2016 c20 Guest
You're really talented! I love these boone/gemma stories! Thank you for sharing w/us!

(also, somewhat surprised these aren't published yet)
7/13/2016 c19 starxx
Wow just wow it was so good XD
5/31/2016 c19 Halden Park
An absolutely stunning piece of writing. Your knowledge (or imagination of what it would be) of the CIA routines etc. was so spot on that it was like reading a personal recount of what happened. I loved the two characters, how they complimented each other, and how Gemma didn't coddle Boone. I'm also pretty relived that there wasn't the 'Oh he opened up to me, therefore I will forgive all of his mistakes and problems' scene, and that the characters were just as vulnerable as they were stoic and strong. A great read, I look forward to other pieces of your work.
5/30/2016 c19 Guest
Thanks for this story. looking forward to your next one.
5/30/2016 c19 10Lilchany
Wow. Again wow. You are such an incredible author. I couldn't wait to reach the end, while purposely slowing myself down so I could savor more Boone and Gemma moments. I absolutely loved the development of their relationship here. Their banter was one of my favourite parts of this story. Many times I found myself laughing out loud. I really, really enjoyed this sequel. I felt like I got a much better picture of Gemma and her humor shone so brightly here that I enjoyed every bit of it. I I loved how real Boone's vulnerability was and how much he developed throughout the story. Also, those action scenes are amazing. And of course your descriptions are always that perfect balance that keeps my attention, while painting a vivid picture. I'm sad that this is the end of the road. I really hope you write more Boone and Gemma adventures even if they have to be a series of one-shots of them being on different missions in India, China or just about anywhere in the world. I also adored George's eccentricity. I adore personalities like his. I will miss all the characters, like Danny and Gibson (who you did a great job of making me warm up to in the end). Again, I really do hope you publish your work and I'm just glad I got to read this gem of yours for free.
5/22/2016 c19 Taraxoxo
I really enjoyed this series, so sad its over :(
5/8/2016 c19 3Khatira
Hello there! :D It only took me a month to get around to reviewing this... part of it is because I reread it so many times. You're right; there is a lot of pressure to endings, and honestly, I was nervous for the ending for this one. I think it's because there were a lot of loose ends to tidy up, since you are so detailed and you are so good at building complexities... and then reading this chapter, I've realized there were loose ends that I didn't even remember XD. This last chapter tidied all of them, it really did. I felt happy after reading it :D.

That line after Boone told Gemma he loved her, describing his smile? "It was a small, quiet, perfect thing." I read that and I just remember thinking "That kinda describes this whole chapter." It's long, and a lot of things happened, but there were no melodramatic trumpets playing and fireworks in the sky, like what could have happened in a story like this one, especially for this genre. But it quietly tied everything together, and certainly left one hell of a mark with me. I thank you for sharing this series with us, and of course, whatever you write, I'll read it.

If I ever do fully return to fictionpress, and I think I will, know it's mostly because of this story and Vertigo. So... thank you, again.

Much love,
5/7/2016 c19 Hazynights92
I've loved this story from beginning, middle and end! Gemma and her world have been one of my all time favorites on here, and I'll always love her and her story. Thankyou so much for writing! Can't wait to read about Boone and other stories you have to develop. Your style of writing is something I aspire to :)
5/6/2016 c19 Guest
you said that you will be writing the sequel of the deadly flower too. P
4/16/2016 c19 Frankie
Hi, I just gotta say I'm so glad you finished Ricochet. I know how tough it is to update somewhat regularly, especially when the chapters are as detailed as yours. This was so well-written in both plot and in setting up the scenes and characters. I absolutely loved it, and everything you've written on FP, for that matter! You are, in my opinion, one of the best authors I've seen on this site...so please keep writing! I am really, really excited to read The Rookie too, hope to see it soon!

Best of luck!
4/16/2016 c19 1Explore.Dream.Discover
I am crying tears of joy. I rarely cry in stories, so know that means a lot. This was the perfect way to end this story. I don't even have words...from the hospital scene, to Boone's 77 pages, to Gemma forgiving him, to that last paragraph. Just beautiful...wow. I will be checking out The Rookie FOR SURE, and anything else you write! Thank you for sharing your wonderfulness.
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