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9/11/2014 c1 387tolerate
Interesting view on names—I feel that the idea of it is very relatable (mostly to the ones who dislike linking their names to who they are). I very much like the tone of this poem and felt it to be assertive and sure, while at the same time it strengthens and convinces oneself of the meaninglessness of names and how it doesn't define the self. I like the transition from a quick pace to a slow pace, but I felt that 'a sound that shows our tongues as primitive baubles in sodden in our mouths' is a little confusing. The detail of it does add to the imagery, but perhaps a little rephrasing of it would make it better. Same goes for the next line, 'a sound that will shout in the loudest silence every single part of me' — maybe there is something missing somewhere? Else, I'm not quite sure of its meaning/the way you meant it to be. But overall, I loved the idea of this poem and how it is written.

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