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for Mysterious Marriage

11/16/2014 c11 Moira
I love this story much; it's amazingly written and so emotional (: how marvelous. Please update soon, I'm looking forward to what you have in store this time (:
11/16/2014 c11 Guest
Can they adopt lily? Great story pls update soon thanks!
11/16/2014 c11 11pastelloli
great chapter..
david being asshole and make me wanna throw the coffe in his face..
owh, I'm curious about the story behind Tate's scar in the jaw..
can't wait for the next chapter..
11/16/2014 c11 skye real
I love the flaws on both characters and yet they compliment each other. Tate is an amazing guy but scenes with David is a big 'ggrrrr' for me I don't like that guy. He may have been a good friend to Lee for a time but he's been a real pain to her. Love the development. Cant wait for more.
11/15/2014 c11 XXHotSparklesXX
As if David could even compare to Tate lol! That whole part annoyed me to no end! Bastard haha. Tate is,once again, so damn lucky he has Amilee! Now they gotta get through the debt issues and the past issues and the whole get married for real and confess your feelings you fools! lol loved it, a bit short but hey! anythings good for me. Wanna see more of the sweet lil kids and a possibility of Lee shooting for her dreams. Oh and maybe some more fluff and stuff haha feel like im always repeating myself in these reviews but i just cant get enough!
Story is addicting cant wait for more
Love as always 3
11/14/2014 c10 July Tarrant
Over too soon! This was one of my favorite chapters yet! I love Lilly, and I loved seeing tate finally fall all the way in love with Amilee. This is beautiful. 3
I am glad you are doing better! I still have you in my prayers, as well as your friend's family and your friend. 3 love you!
11/13/2014 c10 Guest
Great chapter.
11/13/2014 c10 4Leasah
I'm here just to make you write faster.
Haha, just kidding. I loved that they both realized and acknowledged their own feelings. I felt sad for Tate when Lee stopped him, but I can totally understand her.
Love Ryan for being there to talk some sense into Tate. I hope he does something with what he has realized. I also hope that they are able to get rid of the bad mafia guys!
Love you for updating! Can't wait to see what happens next. :)
11/13/2014 c10 mylittleprincess
I want them to live happily ever after :)
11/12/2014 c10 4luckybrains
Another great chapter! I love your descriptions of the emotions and everything that goes on between these two love birds. :) Can't wait for the next one.
11/12/2014 c10 Guest
Awesome chapter, cant wait for the update
11/12/2014 c10 XXHotSparklesXX
Yay! They are getting closer! Now they just need some closure and settle the issues of their darn feelings. Cant wait for the next chapter, and cant wait to see more of their passion and more lily and luke! So adorable, really. Hope Tate expresses his wanting Lee more! 3 Lots of love :) Cant wait!
11/12/2014 c10 Jester79
They both have trust issues so if they would take a step back and try and look at it from each other's POV they might be able to make a better decision about how they are not like the ones that came before.
11/12/2014 c10 RraderWriter2000
"Emotions are fun." Ha, tell that to the heartstrings this chapter just pulled. I still love the story and the chapter regardless. How could I not?
11/10/2014 c9 KirbyEos
Amazing story and nice chapter
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