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for Mysterious Marriage

10/19/2014 c6 4luckybrains
Another great chapter. I loved the kiss! So sweet :D Poor Tate. If only he could know what she was thinking. Can't wait for the next one. :)
10/19/2014 c6 2Eden's Absence
I squealed so hard reading this and I couldn't stop smiling! This chapter was just breathtaking and amazing! Please update soon! 3 We want moar! _
10/19/2014 c6 skye real
I LOVE THIS STORY! Can't wait for your next update:-)
10/17/2014 c6 marginal-utility
Nice story :) . Hope to read more. Update soon!
10/17/2014 c6 Guest
I love these characters too and your story. What will happen next :)

10/17/2014 c6 mylittleprincess
Tate he's a big softy bear, next chapter please :D
10/17/2014 c6 23July Tarrant
I have to make sure I read your updates when I have plenty of time, because I can't tear my eyes away once I have begun. I have fallen hard for your story, and I love it! I loved the kiss xD except the germ freak in me was like "NO TATE You're going to get sick!" Hhaha xD But ohhhh the ending! The ending was perfect. I can't wait to see what happens next!
10/16/2014 c6 Yuki4879
That ending in chapter six, when she said Tate's name in her sleep I almost cried for joy! Loved this new update and yay for long chapters, can't wait for the next update :)
10/16/2014 c6 applenica
Thank you for updating fast. I love this chapter. Hehhee, Tate and Amilee are so cute together. :)
10/16/2014 c6 Jester79
I really appreciate the length it feels like I actually read something. Loving Tate and Amilee. I really like seeing them together. Ryan also seems like a great guy. Looking forward to more.
10/16/2014 c6 shinju asuka
Aww... What a sweet chapter from the start! I can't wait when they realize that they like each other!
10/16/2014 c6 XXHotSparklesXX
Yay! Got my kiss wooo! Such a perfect moment and so cute! Whole chapter i was smiling, really really really LOVED it! Boo almost forgot about mr gun man and the money, but its good that big sexy Tate is there for Lee. lucky lady hahaha
Cant wait for next chapter! 33
10/16/2014 c6 ReaderWriter2000
At first I was like hisssss, go away Ryan, and then I was like yay kiss! And then I was like no Amilee, he cares about you, and then I was like yes, he says he cares about her, and then I was like no, don't say David's name, but then she said Tate's and now I'm okay. Ahem...
First and foremost thank you for the quick update! Second and not foremost I had a small request of sorts that you have probably planned in all likelihood, but I had to share. I know this would be farther down the line, if it ever came up, but I realized that I need to see Brittany and Amilee in the same room together. This chapter just made me think of that and the oodles of things you could do with it. :)
10/15/2014 c5 2Eden's Absence
o-o this is so good I think I'll go cry myself to sleep and wake up when you update ;-; please update soon :D
10/14/2014 c5 23July Tarrant
I love this so much. They make my heart happy :D Ashbur is a major jerk. I hope he gets whats coming to him. I love your story so much.
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