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1/1/2017 c18 slcjnk2008
I would love to buy your book and I'm still here too. Wishing you a wonderful 2017. - Shelley
12/26/2016 c18 July Tarrant
So glad to see you back! Love this story. I would absolutely purchase as a book!
Im so so sorry to hear about the bad news :( I know it's past Christmas, but I will pray for you and yours anyway. I hope all is all right and you are doing okay. *hugs*
12/25/2016 c18 1Fair to Midland my children
I'm so terribly sorry for your loss... I'm glad that you haven't given up on this story. It shows what a strong person you are. Keep up the wonderful job!
12/25/2016 c18 Yours Truly
I'm so glad that you've updated! 3 You are in my thoughts and prayers always, even if I don't really know you. I hope you enjoy your holiday and I hope the new year brings you happiness and success. 3
12/25/2016 c18 LoveDenied
I'm glad to see a new chapter, but don't worry about the space of time. You've got to take care of you and your husband. You've been through a great tragedy. Well wishes to you and yours, hoping you have a nice Christmas. (P.S. Tears are natural and allowed. Hugs and prayers for you.)
12/25/2016 c18 Elle Winters 9
How you have a lovely Christmas and a better year to come! Thanks for the update :) the charachters you have created have amazing personality!
11/11/2016 c17 Guest
Please continue with the story. The feelings of the characters are beautiful and really makes one believe in love.
8/21/2016 c17 CalistaSeraphina
Please Please Please update soon! please I need to read the end! Please, save me the suspense and update soon!
7/7/2016 c17 ReaderGirl45
I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

This is a lovely story - how wonderful to see their relationship grow. I hope you continue to write the rest of Tate and Lee's story!
4/23/2016 c17 slcjnk2008
LeRato, My heart hurts for the devastation and grief you are going through, but know that I too will hold
Amilee Cassandra-Lynn in my heart always.
4/18/2016 c16 slcjnk2008
Hi LeRato, your writing is so authentic and honest it thrills me to no end to read your story. Amilee and Tate's honesty, integrity and openness towards each other are such unique attributes to see in a storyline but you have excelled in making this story come alive like no other I have read. And finally Amilee better say "yes". - Shelley
4/18/2016 c15 slcjnk2008
Boy you do have a way to keep the excitement going. I was however thrilled that Amilee lit into Tate and called him an idiot. I loved that whole drama they went through. It just felt so right. But why is David pursuing her now and what is going to happen now? So I'm off to the next chapter to find out. - Shelley
4/18/2016 c14 slcjnk2008
I was thrilled to see Amilee and Tate take the children to the zoo. It was a wonderful scene superbly written. But once again you blew my mind by finding out they are not married. Oh, you are so evil to them but we love you anyway. Brilliant chapter. Shelley
4/18/2016 c13 slcjnk2008
Wow! This chapter was so awesome. Talk about bombshells, I never had an inkling that their backgrounds were filled with such sorrow. You did a great job on this chapter and I'm happy to finally see that they consummated their marriage. I'm onto the next chapter now to see what's in store for the newlyweds. - Shelley
4/18/2016 c12 slcjnk2008
Hi LeRato, this chapter was so so good. I found it to be very informative and detailed in the lives of Amilee and Tate. But before I forget, I also wanted you to know how much I like Ryan. You wrote a wonderful best friend to them both and it strengthens your storyline when you have such wonderful characters to play off of. Yay for Amilee telling off Brittany and with such class as well. See you next chapter. - Shelley
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