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3/15/2017 c9 1Black Bride Anna
I didn't think you were working on this story anymore, but I'm kind of happy to see you going back to it. I missed this series. I feel bad for Leo and Raiga for that matter. I hope they can admit their love to each other in this story. I really want them to be together.
3/15/2017 c9 KurlozMakara77
poor leo. i feel so bad for him and his pain.
3/14/2017 c9 HFGLF 2
I'm glad this story has made such a comeback. I hope you plan on updating it more! This is a really good chapter, and what a way to bring it back indeed. Leo's pain is evident but I like the subtext with Raiga and Kaizer. It's good to know that someone has actually tried to understand him.
3/14/2017 c9 8Kurogane Black Ninja
Now we can see the true hell that resides in Leo's mind. He's going through physical,emotional and mental pain. Raiga is trying to be a good friend by sticking by his side, but he knows the consequences of his actions. He also deeply loves him and struggles between reason and emotion. Raiga and Kaizer come to terms a little, and their conversation opens a little window into something deep and personal in Kaizer. In the end, I think he just wants understanding.
3/12/2017 c9 TerminalTragedy
I forgot how sad it was to read this story until I saw this update. Leo's pain is so heartbreaking andRaiga's love and pain and dedication is so touching and sad. His talk with Kaizer is really interesting too. I love this chapter.
3/11/2017 c9 MotherHonker
Raiga is such a good friend to stick by Leon all of this time. This chapter was cute!
3/11/2017 c9 4Malarky
I LOVE this chapter because Raiga nearly confessed to Leonardo! I really wanted him to say something to Leo but he didn't. I love Raiga and Leo so much! I hope they get together!
3/11/2017 c9 Inu-Inu's Midget Friend
This chapter doesn't cover too much, just Leo getting better and an interesting moment with Kaizer. I feel like Kaizer and Raiga got the best characterization here. It is shown that they have somewhat of a bond or at least an understanding between them about not feeling human. That is important to know considering Kaizer's feelings at the end of Defy and Comply.
3/11/2017 c9 Axis Tripper
This chapter does a really good job at conveying pain, especially the stuff Leo is going through. I like the confliction of Raiga and how he was trying to keep his feelings to himself even though his friend might die. I can see that Raiga really does love and care about Leonardo a lot, more than he might realize.
3/10/2017 c9 King Corn
I feel bad for Leo and I hope that he can recover well and doesn't die. Raiga will make him feel better. I hope.
3/7/2017 c9 Tragedy of Light and Dark II
I was looking through stories and I saw this one on the updates list! I almost screamed because I missed this a lot! Man I hope Leonardo gets better and I think it's really cute the moments he had with Raiga!
3/7/2017 c9 John
The more I read on Leo the worse I feel for the guy. Now he has a lot of pain and PTSD.
3/7/2017 c9 roxy
i was kinda shocked when i saw this story get an update. i didn't think you were gong to continue it but you did. i'm really glad because i love this series so much. this chapter was sad as hell and i feel bad for leonardo. i can only imagine what it would be like to be in that kind of pain with no meds.
3/7/2017 c9 Costa H
It has been a while. I actually had to read this over just to remember what has been going on. I did remember that I ended on a really sad note last time i read this and this is only proving my point and digging into the sadness.

It's sad how everyone lost their fight with keeping peace but I knew it would happen eventually because I read the sequel. I hope you update this soon! I really loved this story.
3/7/2017 c9 SobrietyInsanity
Holy crap! It's been a long time since you've updated this! I actually thought you gave up on it but I'm glad you haven't. Man, I feel so bad for Leo! I hope he gets better.
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