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for The Garden and the Woods

5/2/2021 c1 marshamello898
This kind of talent should not just be limited here. The way you arranged the stories is quite amazing. Why don't you join NovelStar's writing competition?
1/11/2015 c2 1ChrisCorcovado19
Sorry, Frodo! I found my story! Turns out it didn't show up cuz I forgot to put a summary. You can find “Bride of Chaos” in either Mythology or Just In. Like your story!
1/11/2015 c1 ChrisCorcovado19
Hey, Frodo! Three things: 1. Love the story!
2. Can I do fanfics on here?
3. I submitted a story, but it isn’t appearing on the "just in"s. Is there a reason for that? The story is called “Bride of Chaos”. If you find it, let me know in the review. Thanks!

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