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1/26 c1 knockmeoffmyfeet
Hi.. I'm from a fast-growing online reading platform. Currently, we are looking for new authors to join us. Send me a message if this offer piqued your interest!
1/11/2022 c2 aliziahnoor
nicee story I want to 0ffer you something related to your work. may I ask your 3mail so we could send the detail? But will you continue to update soon? Thanks
5/4/2021 c1 Joeson
This is a pretty interesting start and you do well in describing the characters, and I'm curious to see how it all progresses. I can't help but suggest that you should join NővelStar’s writing competition, you might be their next big star.
1/29/2018 c1 8LorrahBear
This is an interesting start to your story, and I like how the powers don’t start off as something wild and catastrophic.
12/15/2016 c5 5RebekahFyre
Quiet interesting. Is this an evil scientist story? Or a good scientist with bad ethics? The summary says you don't know where you're going, is that still the case? I want to know what's going on and what powers people have and how they got them and why they don't see the older was and what the senior place is like and who they interact with...
Keep writing. :-)
4/9/2015 c2 Swaggy P
I love this thing! I can't stop reading!
4/9/2015 c1 Swaggy P
I love this!
11/25/2014 c5 Xytic
I really like the story,keep it up.
And i like it long please,i find short
stories doesn't fit my satisfactory.
10/27/2014 c4 2onatuesdayinmarch
Hm. Does Kristy have propheric dreams, by any chance? That's kinda what it's leading up to, in a sense.
So, Chelle is a Telepath. Awesome!
10/14/2014 c1 onatuesdayinmarch
Cool! Can't wait for more!

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