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2/24/2023 c11 37Starart152
This is an interesting chapter where what happened last time happened again and the flying saucer crashed again. Now, we have a medical golem who is roaming around. It makes sense why it didn't attack anyone when it showed up, but it still traumatized Futakawa.
2/23/2023 c10 Starart152
This is a nice chapter that shows the strangeness of Anastasia and the different reactions of the characters about this scientist. She has many heads and it's an interesting explanation about why her personality and self remained the self.
1/25/2020 c9 Starart152
This is a nice and strange chapter with the UFO and the strange situation they found themselves in. It's a little funny with the little joke Damien made towards Dianne about the head fallen off and the body elsewhere on it's own.
The title made sense now.
9/8/2018 c8 Starart152
This is another good part of the calmed down sequence in the story as we see what is going on after the raid. As for the characters, they are nicely write in those short chapters and we know what they are thinking about and their current intentions thanks to the dialogue.
4/25/2015 c2 3Psykofreac
Oh the mysterious girl trend, good luck on handling it well. Other than than, there's not much else to say about this chapter. Maybe other than that there seems to be less description than the last, it's all pretty short.
4/6/2015 c12 18cud-b-better
And the monstrosity has killed a regular person. I'm guessing anne would just laugh it off. Loved how she was so surprised that it's illegal to fool about with corpses. Gotta love when mad scientists are used for comedy.

Anyway a few errors/suggestions I think I noticed, take with a grain of salt.

He had passed through this road every [night when it is workday] for five years - either add an [a] or change to [workday night]

and [Tanaka] to finally [hit] the hay - [wrong name I think] [hitting]
3/31/2015 c11 cud-b-better
Another disaster with the monster scaring everyone and it's done a legger. I love the way she makes excuses in such a pitiful way. Telekinesis to fix oneself smint I love it. Oh its only a broken spine, only? And another sweet/dark way to end a chapter, nicely done, hope they can do the same again with her.
3/30/2015 c10 cud-b-better
Ha ha ha, gotta love the reason she crashed and the constant scaring the maid in seeming innocence. Curious whether she was actually doing it on purpose. I'm not much for the sci fi but I loved the idea of her having several heads and brains to store all kinds of data and the thought to be coffee machine. An amusing chapter that also ended on quite a high note as well.
3/28/2015 c9 cud-b-better
Ha, guess we're going to see the inside of an alien ship next chapter. The amusing maid and shoji so not being a gentleman this chapter, to think he would trip her up. Now I'm expecting something twisted inside there next chapter.
3/27/2015 c8 cud-b-better
The typical trick the servant with only the head. Anyway they're going to seek protection from a yakuza group using another yakuza group, why on earth would they help him? He's playing with fire a bit too much I feel. Still no idea why they are being chased though.

Anyway minor error spotted:

Anastasia does not seem [to] have the common sense - [add into sentence]
3/22/2015 c7 cud-b-better
Well I definitely get the feeling that the criminal in that photo is going to come into the plot in some way, foreshadowing well done there. I'm still a little confused as to what the reason behind that assault but a first in history of mass castration. What kind of evil would do such a thing? I'm interested in learning just what experiences they've all been through though and why. Good chapter that I believe will lead to another good arc.
3/22/2015 c6 cud-b-better
Wow an essay on how humans are great because they scream, it went over my head tho.
3/14/2015 c5 cud-b-better
Okay I've gotta laugh at her thought of that being poetic. Well it means death is nothing for this girl and the idea of reviving just to kill again I like it, hurray for the mad scientist. Kind of anticlimatic how it ended just like that though.
3/14/2015 c4 cud-b-better
And they're finished. Typical way for them to end but I don't have any idea as to why they're wanted dead in the first place. I seriously have no idea what you're trying to do, but good job with it.
2/28/2015 c6 pinksamurai1014
to lazy to log in,
not finished reading your story, but after finishing the first part. ...:D I love Dianne's character!
And, that creepy scary little teddy bear she has :D
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