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2/15/2015 c17 20DevilPogoStick
Oh my god...Diane's plan is working...Hell has frozen over. QAQ

Adachi is pretty hilarious despite this small showing, being an old perverted man who can do some pretty impressive stuff XD

Damn, Damien is still having a stick up his ass...

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c16 DevilPogoStick
Wow, Damien came across as a jerk in the first half of this chapter, Diane should have just punched him. -w-

But with a lot of options being exhausted, it seems the heroes will have to resort to something...A tad different. Good luck to them!

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c15 DevilPogoStick

Well...Things got worse, like Hell worse.

Good news, we got a name for the creature. Bad news? It literally shows itself to be unstoppable. Gotta say, Anastasia really got her work cut out for this...And now, she's pretty much mush by now.

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c14 DevilPogoStick
Well...This is proving to be no easy run for our protagonists. Anastasia, you done wonders on this monstrosity, go pat yourself in the back. XD

I do love the random chances that Ride of the Valkyries of all songs plays into the background while Futakawa shoots the freaking Hell out of the golem. XD

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c13 DevilPogoStick
This is a lot of explanations regarding our heroes...Or somewhat heroes. Futakawa once in the army, Shoji a former Imperial Guard, Damien and Diane took insane training, and Miyazaki being a cop but has done a lot to cover shit that the public will never know about...Holy crap. XD

Thankfully, they got weapons and from the sounds of things, they better take care of that golem...That really pissed off golem.

And Anastasia...LOL

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c12 DevilPogoStick
Longer than the other chapters, very nice.

I enjoy Diane being pissy as while everyone is at least alright, she gets a crushed foot. XD

Miyazaki is now starting to scare me, she is for sure not a normal person. I think we'll know what she really is soon.

And wow, poor Ito, death by being involved in this violent, so very violent, tale. We will...Not miss you. You were too ordinary to truly care...So sorry! XD

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c11 DevilPogoStick
And everyone is fine...Except for Diane, how dare you mislead me into thinking her plot armor was strong. XD

Futakawa and Miyazaki amuse me even more. The former is acting as any sane person would do while the latter is all shock and awe. lol

And how dare you Damien, medical golem have feelings you know. :(

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c10 DevilPogoStick
Futakawa...I don't blame you for the troubles you have experienced... QAQ

lol surfing the net while flying...Bad Anastasia. XD

And Miyazaki again is taking this rather easily...Are you sure she's just a klutz now?

And oh no, it's heading to the cliff! Whose watching the net behind the wheel?! TAT

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c9 DevilPogoStick
Aw, Diane, losing friends is always tough...I mean sure they were not really real but still! :(

Miyazaki is now even more interesting since she might be a klutz after all...But she may be more I still believe. We'll have to see!

Poor Futakawa, confused as Hell XD

keep it up!
2/15/2015 c8 DevilPogoStick
Wait, if one Yakuza is three Police officers...Doesn't that mean the police outnumber them? Call me out if my math is shit XD

Nevertheless, for a psycho, Damien sure knows how to handle issues. And Anastasia again bodyless?! What the Hell? LOL

Keep it up!
2/15/2015 c3 1Sage Young
Well, that was a surprise. Was not expecting Damien to entertain the thought of killing Dianne. My opinion of him has dropped significantly. He was weird/confusing before, now he's worse than a coward, in my opinion.

Other than that, I'm guessing Anastasia is somehow immortal and she's using the sight of her death to make something happen, maybe spurn Damien to snap and fight for his life?

No point reiterating the things I've written before. Still, a few of the things in this scene added into the confusion. Was Anastasia healing from her wounds/have healed from those wounds? They seemed severe. Here she's able to stand?

Also, Shoji seemed in and out of it in the chapter because of his concussion. Could he have seen Damien pointing the nozzle/barrel of the gun at Dianne? It felt weird there was no input from him during that part of the chapter is all.

Overall, it was a good read because of the shock factor. I guess I'm used to seeing better character in main characters so it took a while for me to get what Damien wanted to do because of the heavy use of implication through inner monologues. At this point it really feels like it's all purposely hidden and it got annoying here and there.

So, is Damien going to snap next chapter? In any case, I hope his expression/reaction is somewhat logical and extreme enough.
2/15/2015 c7 38Starart152
The beginning of this arc is better than the previous one. It started calmer with more explanation of what is going on and also the localisation was give in a nice way than just letting the narrator explaining it.
I do not have a lot to say about Miyazaki for now since she only appeared, but she's not too bad of a character for now.
2/14/2015 c2 1Sage Young
Huh, a damn quick chapter. Any reason why this isn't corroborated with the next one? Maybe it's just that I'm not used to reading short ones, cause this felt like I was given a teaser than the real thing.

For some reason, all I could think of as I read the part where Anastasia appeared was how accepting/calm Damien and Dianne took to her arrival, despite it having knocked Shoji out cold. Maybe the twins are trained to stay calm even in the most jarring scenarios? Why though?

Also, who was the one who shot that guy with the rifle and his dog right between the eyes? Dianne? That part was a bit confusing.

Again, not knowing the stakes of this conflict, the cause and consequence of what would happen if they succeed or fail, makes it difficult for me to want to root for Damien and Dianne. Also, from the way they've been acting, it feels as though they can probably win the gunfight either way, so that took me out of it even more.

I guess just conflict itself is never interesting. Reading this isn't making me that curious to find out WHY it's happening. Would have much preferred a slice-of-life setting if the context wasn't given to me from the start.

Overall, it's a quick and easy read. A decent one I guess, barring how weak it felt to me at times precisely because of the confusion and the lack of context. I don't even know who their assailants are.

Hm, perhaps things get clearer by the end of the six chapters, seeing how they're focused around a single case. I'll try to at least finish reading and reviewing the first case if that is so.
2/14/2015 c6 38Starart152
This extra was disturbing. From what Anastasia was shown, I cannot really believe she would do anything like that or think anything like that.
At the same time, it's an extra and you can choose to do something wild and different. I think it's easier to accept the extra because it's no tie to the story and doesn't make her appear OOC.
2/14/2015 c7 20DevilPogoStick
And...a lot is coming in even after the storm lol. Damn, so Damien is one powerful dude. Sure Tetsubo says he won't help but he sure is chummy with them. I suspect Officer Miyazaki to be something way more...or she could be a klutz after all, we'll see. XD keep it up!
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