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2/14/2015 c32 11Madcinder
*reads* Good Gorilla!
*keeps reading* Good Miyazaki!
*reads some more* Good trailer!
*keeps reading more* ... *primal scream of unending inner turmoil*
2/14/2015 c31 Madcinder
Mr. Fukada, this is no time for jokes. A rapist just fell out of the clock's face and got hit in the head by one of the hands! Stop being such a dummy.

A, well, he tried to save her at least. Oh well. Hmm, so Dabien wants a super power. That'll be interesting to explain to the butler. Dianne might object.

I live for sudden moments of total overwhelming awesome.
2/14/2015 c30 Madcinder
Your weapon of choice was used earlier today in order to silence someone ogling your sister.

That was a short one, but it was quick and precise. Now we know exactly who the enemy is, and what he is armed with, and what the best attack is for taking him out. Best possible result is that the Gorilla guy shows up and beats the janitor to a pulp. That'd be quite the turnaround.
2/14/2015 c29 Madcinder
The janitor did it. I knew he was no good. Hard to find good janitors these days. Maybe Vivisect could do it? That would be cliched. So if the hobo's the decoy, and the other guy is the criminal, then who is the hobo?

I think it would be funny if Anne's head fell off and the guy saw it and fainted.
2/14/2015 c28 Madcinder
Should have thought of that. There's no way her introduction to the class was going to go smoothly. Didn't think she'd pull out the part about enjoying screams, though. Oh well, no biggy. We all love a good scream.

Here, take the headmaster, tape a flag to his back, and hang him from the clock tower. That is the punishment due people like him. Oh, and draw a dick on the flag.
2/14/2015 c6 20DevilPogoStick
...Innocent my ass. XD

One can never fully sleep again XD

Keep it up!
2/14/2015 c27 11Madcinder
Huzzah! new characters who may or may not have any importance and could theoretically die in the next chapter or become one of the most plot-integral characters yet! I'm betting they more just act like they're important and then don't really do anything. Hero of their own story. Especially this Soichiro guy. Probably thinks he's more important to the story than he really is.

You get him, Miyazaki.
2/14/2015 c26 Madcinder
Dianne is a manipulative little... she's trying to trick Anne into doing something that'll make Damien think she likes him. This will either have a pleasantly happy ending or a horribly embarrassing ending. Or possibly horrendous violence. Happy birthday! Here's a box of your enemies' genitals!
2/14/2015 c5 20DevilPogoStick
And so, things kinda got better...Or weirder, but whateves.

So it seems Ana is indeed...A very strange person from the future who is now stuck in this timeline. But then again, she completely averted a disaster that would have just been a kill them all ending should she not be there to reverse that.

But damn, she can detach her head?! XD

And so fitting of a punishment for those asshats, they deserve it after what they tried to do last time..

Keep it up!
2/14/2015 c4 DevilPogoStick
...Holy crap, this is just dark!

Stupid to say considering the past few chapters but my god! TAT

Oh damn, Shoji! Why did he have to die in such a way?! And WTF with the bit with Diane?! QAQ

And Damien...Is yeah, he's fucked.

And this is the starting point! I mean...Will they survive?!

Keep it up!
2/14/2015 c3 DevilPogoStick
...I knew that damn Teddy Bear was filled with ammo. XD

And what's this, Anastasia questioning Damien's insanity...And making good points?! The fuck?! XD

And what?! Headless body suddenly happened?! What?! QAQ

Keep it up!
2/13/2015 c1 1Sage Young
Here I am, reading the first chapter and getting swept by the events with almost little to no explanation whatsoever, which made things quite... forgettable, in my opinion. There wasn't a name or a situation tossed out by either Damien, Dianne or Shoji on a whim that I could sate myself and latch on to. Something that assuages my curiosity and tides me over to when you actually start the exposition.

At least the things happening are wild, uncommon and interesting enough. Things were slightly disorienting even without the flying saucer, but I suppose that's one way to hook readers and refresh interest.

With me still in the dark with the mechanisms of the plot, I guess I'll touch on the characters. Damien seems the intellectual kind with perhaps a condition that surfaces when he overexerts himself physically? Or he's just not as fit as Dianne and Shoji in the chapter itself.

Dianne seemed normal until the gun popped up. I assume the M-16 is a gun since it was brought up in comparison with a sniper rifle near the end of the chapter. She seemed to be a foil to Damien, being able to do things Damien can't/is not good at.

Shoji just seems nice, loyal and proper. The model head butler.

So far there's not enough impression for me to either like or dislike the characters. Perhaps they could have stand out more because of that since it's the first chapter and all. To make up for the questions raised around what was happening, I feel like having instantly lovable characters would have taken away the reader's attention from focusing on those plot questions.

Overall, it was a decent read. A lot of questions though. They don't just make me curious, but with this much context missing it can be frustrating to some. The action happening didn't seem wild enough for them to not recall even a single point of why they're being attacked, so it feels like Damien/Dianne/Shoji(or you) are blatantly ignoring it and holding it a bit too close to the chest. Hopefully, the next chapter at least tosses out a bone for me.
2/13/2015 c5 38Starart152
That was a very disturbing chapter that end up in a Deus Ex Machina. None of this was expected and it left me a little confused. I think I didn't get all of it, but I know you made sense, but it's just me.
It was a creepy ending for case 1.
2/13/2015 c2 20DevilPogoStick
This has to be made from a plot generator, it's so random. XD

Oh Damien, you think you're amazing but...Yeah, Anastasia really tops you on over the top. Just loved his description of her. Like why does she act like she has no pain receptors to why does she have night vision.

And Dianne, what the Hell?! She can shoot?!

Keep it up!
2/13/2015 c1 DevilPogoStick
...Okay, what the Hell did I just read? XD

So the gang are trying to get out of a possible murder and witty banter is all around for everyone to take and ends with a flying saucer?! XD

I thought I can do some pretty weird stuff LOL

Keep it up!
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