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for The Ascension

7/27/2016 c27 prosaa
Enjoyed the story. It was difficult to follow at some points, but I used my imagination and got through it. I haven't checked out what else you've written but I hope it keeps me engaged like this story did.

2/5/2015 c1 13360pages
Hmm, you might need more of a narrative hook. Something to really grab your readers, the start, while well written is pretty much an info dump of the characters and the world. While it's vieled rather nicely, it might push some people away. Perhaps start with something a bit more striking. Most people can read up to 1000-1500 words before moving on sadly.
11/18/2014 c1 20Snowflakewasnothere
Hi I know I already sent you a message and for bugging you so much I'm sorry. But I was wondering if I could make a video doing a reading of this? On my youtube channel. I woudn't make profit from it or anything, but i was just curios. My youtube channel is braincake does the skits. Heres what it would look like watch?vHz9X2vFJRCw&listUU_vOZsCKm4w6sNrU42KoppA _ thankyou sorry again for bugging you but I really love this story.

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