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1/15/2002 c1 17The Haiku Police
The HKP wish you grasped the concept that BOTH the first and last lines are five syllables. The middle line is seven. That makes a total of seventeen syllables to make a haiku. Get it right next time.
11/30/2001 c4 4tropicalfrost86
*grins* i find myself doing the same thing far too often. In fact, I'm supposed to be writing my English paper now.. Oh well, it can wait. You did very well for such few words - I would love to read a full poem...
7/1/2001 c4 2Silver Dragonfly
*sits speechlesss for a moment* I am so not a poet... These Are WONDERFUL! ^,^
7/1/2001 c3 Silver Dragonfly
I'm very Impressed Mi'lady... *sits amazed*
7/1/2001 c2 Silver Dragonfly
7/1/2001 c1 Silver Dragonfly
OO... I never knew you were a poet... *sigh* so serene... ;) ~Your Ki-chan
6/22/2001 c1 19byrdgirl
Cool! Very circular. These poems go well either separately or as a whole. It's very zen.
6/20/2001 c4 mysticGohan33
so were these actually in the margins of your schoolbooks? in any case, thesse were very good (I read all four chapters, consider this my comment for all of them ^.^)
6/19/2001 c4 L.A
You've worked very hard on these! I cant write poetry this good! This poem really relaxes me. *sigh*
6/19/2001 c3 L.A
*two thumbs up* This is very good TM! I love the imatry this brings to mind, "Green grass shimmer", "Velvet green shades". ^_^
6/19/2001 c2 L.A
Wow these are really beautiful Twomoons! I'm most certainly going to read the next few chapters.
6/18/2001 c4 Raven33
Bravo! **Raven claps.** Keep writing these! They're excellent, and I really enjoy a change in reading!
6/18/2001 c3 Raven33
I wasn't as fond of the last chapter (2) but I really like this one also! I like these nature topics! Kudos!
6/18/2001 c1 Raven33
Wow, I really like this. Poetry generally isn't my thing, but I love haikus and yours are very good!

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