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for The Space Beyond Our Sunset

6/19/2015 c2 43zanybellecloudo
Hey JBuchwalter,
A very poetically written tale, flows through emotions majestically. It’s sad he’s always trying to kill himself at the end of each chapter. Perhaps, he will become more resilient and the story will develop into something deeper. Good luck with it.
Regards, Zanybelle
2/17/2015 c1 Rick S
Simply captivating. The descriptive language is detailed enough to produce a vivid image in the mind of the reader as to what is being depicted, yet just vague enough that the grotesqueness of the being would differ greatly from person to person, just as it should. The context of the character is also very interesting. Good writing here.
2/13/2015 c1 Guest
your words really paint the picture. H P Lovecraft would be proud!
My favorite line : "my conflict is a small one when compared to that infinite distance of night"
2/11/2015 c1 bz
The Great Horror reminds me of a mix between Cthulhu and the Reapers from Mass Effect. Really cool. Very eerie.
11/24/2014 c1 2Chaos-LordOfDarkness
Wow. This was pretty awesome. It reminded me a lot of Lovecraft's books. I also have to wonder what this Great Horror is? Could it be an Elder God, or something similar? Also, hopefully, that thing doesn't actually exist, or we would be screwed. XP


Chaos-Deadly Sin

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