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for Falling

9/30/2015 c11 RebeccaMonroe
I'm hoping you update more regularly too :)
I want morreee
Good To read you again
3/18/2015 c10 RebeccaMonroe
It was hot between Michael and Lucy ! Yes! Great! #TeamMichael ;) i would love to read more about the two together and i like a lot the Lucy's fight with herself to not melt with Michael!
I love this chapter !
I cant wait chap 11 !
3/17/2015 c8 RebeccaMonroe
She is falling for the two !
enraptured me" i love your choice of words :)

Huge betrayal is between the two i think
3/17/2015 c7 RebeccaMonroe
Im as curious as Lucy !
So my feeling is true ...Aiden is not totally good...
3/17/2015 c6 RebeccaMonroe
I love this chapter !
I dont know why but im #TeamMichael
For me Aiden is not totally innocent/good !
3/16/2015 c4 RebeccaMonroe
I like this chapter !
" her beauty captivated me." I love this sentence
3/16/2015 c2 RebeccaMonroe
You shouldnt write in your sum up that they are twins ...
Cause the end of the chapter would be a great cliffhanger and a mystery for the reader :)
I mean They would think at the end ..." what? What the fuck? Aiden is the King?" You know what i mean ?
3/16/2015 c3 RebeccaMonroe
I wonder why Michael wants a vendetta...
3/15/2015 c1 RebeccaMonroe
Wow you posted it on november ?! Time flies...
Aiden is such a beautiful name!
Lucy ? As the movie?
Honestly i dont like fantasy story/fiction ( i think i already told you lol ) but i will see if i like in carry on to read it :)
So far i like the beginning i mean their meeting
3/1/2015 c10 2IgniteMidnight
Gah what was Michael thinking when she left to clean up?! The story is so good with the feuding brothers. I love the backbone that Lucy still has though she gets swept up in moments. Keep writing can't wait for the next chapter :)
1/8/2015 c4 HisPrincess1020
I hope you keep writing this story because so far I love it. And right now I'm not sure how you're going to get Lucy to fall in love with Michael lol

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