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for Akatsuki (Vol 2)

9/30/2015 c9 DatBrokeDude
I know this is kind of off topic, but when you were writing down facts of the injuries Tobi recieved in chapter one of this volume, did you have to look up whether the liver was capable of healing so well or did you already know it? Don't ask why lol, just curious how you got to that conclusion? The history, or rather the beginning introduction between Sadami and Tobi was rather heartwarming. I guess in a way Sadami was psychic or something, or he just had a decent judge of character in people ya know? As far as Chapter 3 is concerned however, I'm amused at how quickly Chikako's affection for Tobi has grown. He's practically the Moon to her Earth from what I've noticed so far. ON Chapter 5, I got real curious as to what it was that Akiko saw on Noboru. I would think some sort of scar or some kind of branding that would explain everything that led to Akiko's intense regret. But then, wouldn't he have already known or seen such a thing? Are these workers really so selectively chosen in who does what with the specimens? However, now that Akiko has finally met Kurosawa...gotta say I hope that bastard is killed by one of those specimens. Hopefully Noboru in particular? It'd definately be poetic justice and very ironic in a way. Noboru has begun to maybe accept Akiko, since they both now share a sort of "bond" in a crude way if you want to call it that. Chikako is just waiting for Tobi to soften up, or maybe Tobi is waiting to be able to do the same. I wonder you know if something will develop between them ya know? Still don't know even in the later bits of this tale. I mean I could see it, at this point, she is really affectionate to him. At firsat I was refusing to consider it love, I called it intense infatuation. but reading these words, how just somerthing as simple as his voice, his presence or sharing his history with her makes her ecstatic, Chikako may not understand love entirely, but she is obviously in love with Tobi anyways. You can be madly in love with someone and not even realize it or understand it until much later. It's possible. Now at the end...Kurosawa's revelation about the connection between Number One and Two, and Noboru and well...you know who...that's some mind-blowing stuff yo!
2/1/2015 c9 4Mokii
Looks like Volume 3 is going to be an action-packed one, seeing how this volume ended!

I'm starting to think that Tobi is Number One. Everything clue in this chapter, along with other chapters fit up. The last piece is confirmation .

I'm starting to think that maybe Tobi might've killed some of the children before he left the orphanage. I don't know, the dates match up perfectly and all. And the way they were murdered... And who or what is that voice? Or do all New Humans have that strange voice?

Wait a minute?! Are Tobi and Noboru brothers?! But then again, where are the parents? It would be cool if they were in the lab and nobody realized xD

Can't wait for Volume 3!
1/25/2015 c8 Mokii
Akiko, I know you sneaked into Noboru's room just to talk to him. But at the same time, it looks like they're building a little bond of their own! Even Noboru saying thank you to him made me a little surprised. Perhaps he does want company, but he's not admitting it!

Looks like we're seeing more and more memories surface from Tobi's childhood at the orphanage. Though, it feels a bit strange how he doesn't remember parts of it. Well I understand if he doesn't remember when he was 1 or 2 years old, but I think it has something to do with the lab...

Sadami, you're an idiot xD I laughed so hard when he literally couldn't lie. Way to scare off a woman, Sadami...

Them anime, Harry Potter and Studio Ghibli references. Gotta love those references xD

Update soon! :D
1/12/2015 c7 Mokii
Finally got around to reviewing! Sorry, my day's been busy -

Anyways, Tobi, accept help from people around you! You can't do everything by yourself! It scared me when Tobi and Sadami started to yell at each other. It feels like both of them bottled up their feelings while they were at the hospital, then exploded when they got home.

Akiko looks like he's already getting the trust of Noboru, otherwise he wouldn't of asked him about his arm. Or maybe he tried to talk to him because he knew he disobeyed Kurosawa.

That scene with Tobi and Chikako at the end. I'm pretty sure he's only using Chikako as a means to get the same affection he got from Motoka. - I might be wrong because of the recent development between them, but still.

A lot happened in this chapter! I feel like when a lot happens, it's close to the turning point in the story or the whole series.

Anyways, update soon :D
1/2/2015 c6 Mokii
Thank goodness for Asami, otherwise Tobi would have to make another trip to the hospital xD. I just love the little scenes with Tobi and Chikako to show that they're becoming closer. Haha, looks like Sadami has a clean-up job to do next chapter. I feel like he's going to take a trip down memory lane...

All hell's broken loose for Akiko. But he probably shouldn't have announced that he's going to leave. That was a big mistake on his part! But the boss, he's so cruel, the way he treated Akiko and the New Humans. I hope he gets what's coming to him.

I still fear that sooner or later, something big is going to happen at the lab. Anyways, update soon! :D
1/1/2015 c5 Mokii
One by one, those scientists working at the lab are uncovering secrets of the New Humans. Still feel like they're going to free them at one point. I just don't know when or how...

Has Akiko never heard the saying, "Curiosity killed the cat?" I think he's going to be scarred for a while... a long while. But then I have no idea what Noboru showed him, but if it was enough to make him walk out like that, then it was probably disturbing :P

And then there's Tobi and Sadami xD Sadami could've gotten himself in big trouble. They're such a goofy tag team, it's awesome!

Update soon :D (Lol you updatef this story last year xD)
12/22/2014 c4 Mokii
Haha, I don't really have much to say for this chapter. If anything, it's more of a filler chapter.

We get to see a little more of Sadami's mom. She kind of reminds me of Tobi with the fact that she kind of doesn't want to socialize.

That was a nice act of kindness from Tobi at the end! Oh, I'm sure you don't care about how Chikako feels, Tobi :)

Anyways, update soon!
12/18/2014 c3 2YumehaMinakami
The story's progressing smoothly. though Tobi seems to be having a hard and long time recovering.

Ah Sadami, the ever faithful and worthy friend. He's been there for Tobi since the first volume and he's still there. I wonder what would happen if Chikako were there in that room too? Haha! I guess there would be chaos. Still, the wounds that Tobi got seems to be giving him a hard time I'm curious at what to will happen next.

Also, I'm curious about what's happening in the shadows of this story.

By the way, that Harry Potter scene was genius!
12/14/2014 c3 4Mokii
Looks like the story of Tobi's murder is out now. I got curious when they mentioned there was more murders like that years ago in Osaka. And it looks like Noboru is about to escape sooner or later! I wonder if he'll get help from Mitsuru or Haruki :O

Even though they're best friends, I hope this murder and events similar are going to ruin their friendship. I mean, Sadami already seems doubtful of Tobi because of the coincidences.

Dem Harry Potter references xD

Update soon :D
12/2/2014 c2 2YumehaMinakami
Ahahaha! Tobi's stuck with little kids!
In the first volume she's stuck with Chikako, a young woman with the brain of a three year old and now he's stuck with eight and five year old kids that are adoring and are interested by his red eyes. He must be a very unlucky guy or its just his destiny to be around kids.

Anyways, I loved this chapter! Please update soon!
11/28/2014 c2 4Mokii
D'awww! Even though there was no real action, you replaced it with a cute little flashback of how Tobi and Sadami met! Though, Tobi seems wise beyond his age in the flashback.

I know, I know, I shouldn't be laughing, but literally the first part of the chapter was Tobi trying to get out of bed to go to the washroom xD I've never been to the hospital before, but I imagined it must've been hard for him.

Update soon :D
11/27/2014 c1 2YumehaMinakami
This chapter seems to be a little slow, showing only the effects and events of what happened since Tobi was stabbed but it's really not that bad since it was a turning event in the story.

Tobi seems to have really gotten such a bad stab to himself. And having such a peaceful and harmonious meeting with that kind of pain and situation might mean that Tobi, unconsciously, wanted to die. Maybe there is something about that sensation that makes him remember his past or something?

Also nice cover! Chikako!
11/22/2014 c1 4Mokii
Is that Chikako on the image cover? Or is that Chiharu? Or is it another character? xD Sorry, that image cover is making me suspiscious.

I think Tobi almost died for a second, which is why he saw Motoka there. But then again, there's so much emphasis on it that it might be something more. And I'm curious to know why he didn't remember!

I can't really say anything else since it's just the first chapter of this volume . Update soon

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