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12/27/2014 c1 5vindoletta
Wow, it's a very intense story. I like how vivid are the mirages of the past Aurora sees, and how those images describe what's going on but also convey emotion and include details that make them stand out. I have a soft side for stories that mix history and present, so I'd love to read more about Aurora, Courtney and Alistair, and what exactly can Aurora's gift be used for apart from seeing the past, as Alistair hinted.
12/24/2014 c1 7HunterJumperDressage
Your writing is beautiful. The way you paint a vivid picture and then set the characters to life within the world you have created for your readers is amazing. I must say, the plot was very intriguing as well. Entirely unexpected and riveting. Loved this story and hope you write more like it in the future!
12/23/2014 c1 7Fathoms
In the course of around upwards two thousand words a lot of people will move their characters across vast areas of land. Wake up go to school go home have food and on and on and on. But here, you keep the characters in one place and move the time, reanimating the past before them. The twist about the past coming alive pulled the ground right out from under me I was very surprised to say the least that is. And I loved it. A couple more things! First of all before I read this story I read your profile bio and the things you said about history and Napoleon Bonaparte and all that. And Im really glad I did because in this story which is so rich in history I can really see a lot of you in it. I loved the line "Historians and Flag wavers" you sir would be a top notch historian. On top of all that the writing was bright and vibrant. Really illuminated the past (Pardon my puns)
Just the detailed descriptions of the clothes and the wind and also the word choice for some of the things, for example at the start when she storms the gatehouse. First of all it fits because shes angry but also you can think about it as like if there was an attack the gatehouse (and the rest of the fortification) would be stormed. little things like that as well as the originality of the idea and the clear beauty of the writing as well as the excellent sense of the past really set this apart from the rest!

All Im saying is, I want to read some more. History for me is a mixed affair, there are certain sections which I love to no end and others that are a painful drag to learn and read about. But I'm sure you could make even those fun to read!
12/21/2014 c1 crypticperson019
I love the depth of your story and the originality of it. The emotions were displayed in great detail. Cheers! The depth that is in this story is amazing. It makes the reading more enjoyable.

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