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for Two Sides of Me

12/23/2014 c1 andtheny
I tend to be timid when I'm in unfamiliar territory, but loud and boisterous when I come across someone who resembles what I would call "my people"

Today I was stuck shopping with my stepmom and she dragged me as far as a Victoria Secret store. Not my cup of tea, I would have been quiet as a mouse, except that there were two girls behind us in line wearing recognizable anime t-shirts. I turned around and complimented the one wearing an Attack On Titans t-shirt and uncovered my own pikachu t-shirt, which had previously been covered by my jacket.

As if I had flipped a switch I went from quiet and mousy to enthusiastic and talkative.

While reading this poem I was thinking along the same lines. You, my friend, are "my people" and I love your poem for tapping into my own thought process. Plus it was well written, which is always a bonus, with excellent imagery.

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