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for Born To Hear Color (Women and Wolves Book 1)

5/6/2018 c19 6DH Hana
I read this story a while ago, yet it always held a place in my memory as one of the best stories I would recommend to others. I love the play on how a deaf girl stands strong in a culture that isn't prepared for her. I simply had to find the story again and post a review since I failed to do that before. I hope to read more of your stories soon.
1/22/2018 c19 IsntItFunny
I got chills with the last line. Loved this story.
1/22/2018 c18 IsntItFunny
I am excited to read a story about Emma! This was a good chapter for closure.
1/22/2018 c17 IsntItFunny
It was nice seeing things from Sebastien's point of view if only to see that his wolf knew they were true mates from the g*oddamn BEGINNING. I got worked up on that part lol. It makes sense and fits the characters as well as the story.
1/22/2018 c16 IsntItFunny
Go Julianna!
1/22/2018 c15 IsntItFunny
Julianna is growing very well into Alphahood! I love how you share character development with the readers rather than jumping stages and expecting readers to assume.
1/22/2018 c14 IsntItFunny
So that was a terrifying chapter for Julianna but I am gushing at how cute it was to see the air start to clear between her and Sebastien!
1/22/2018 c13 IsntItFunny
Loved it
1/22/2018 c12 IsntItFunny
I really like the way you handled remembrance of Julianna's father at the same time as all that foreshadowing of something bad about to happen! That is not easy to do.
1/22/2018 c11 IsntItFunny
I am really liking Zara
1/22/2018 c10 IsntItFunny
Thisnchapter was really cute and had me laughing at the end. Sebastien can be a son of a bitch when he wants to! Lol
1/22/2018 c9 IsntItFunny
About damn time things started getting hot and heavy between Julianna and Sebastien!
1/22/2018 c8 IsntItFunny
I am rooting so hard for Sebastien. Julianna's mom is also a giant sweetheart.
1/22/2018 c7 IsntItFunny
So many questions!
1/22/2018 c6 IsntItFunny
A new twist in Julianna and Sebastien weird relationship! I am glad that a step has bedn made in the right direction :)
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