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for Blasphemy

2/16/2015 c1 8Please Inform Me
I'm not religious but I enjoyed your work
1/16/2015 c1 2Bahaghari is GraciellaDee
To blaspheme is to sin against God by twisting the Word of God. It depends on the word uttered or the picture printed. Taking a life as a form of punishment ("A life originated by God. And then claim it (taking life) to be God's Will.") is totally different aspect. It is blasphemy to say "It is God's will to take the life of this person," when he/she has no authorization from God. God is the sole person in the universe who has authority over our lives. Sometimes He appoints a person to deliver justice, and only that person. It's like, don't do it if you're not allowed, don't do it for your own interest and call it God's will, don't if it's not your business. God is a good God. He upholds justice and delivers it to free the oppressed. I hope I am clear. Thanks for writing this thought-provoking poem. So much thought to provoke in such a short poem.

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