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for Pandora's box

11/19/2015 c1 70BradytheJust
As a guy who loves everything and anything Greek mythology related, I was drawn to this story from the start, and loved every bit of it!
The emotions of the narrator, especially with the Thermocol heart being Pandora's box, were incredibly clear. I could feel her joy, her pain, her struggle.
This story was one of the best pieces I've ever read...
Keep it up! :)
10/13/2015 c1 12MTveit
I reallt like this one-shot. It had a lot of debth to it, and you did a great job showing the emotions of your narrator! I really like the way you use 'Pandora's Box' is such a different way in your story. thanks for sharing this stort. I hope she holds on to that hope!
1/31/2015 c1 2Rachel032687
I find this reminiscent of one of my fav Joe Diffie songs, A Night to Remember. Thanks for sharing.

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