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for Akatsuki (Vol 3)

6/1/2015 c10 4Mokii
What? That girl at the end... is that Kurosawa's daughter? If that's the case, then this situation takes a whole new turn. Sounds like Kurosawa has a lot of connections that he could use to track Tobi. I wonder why it took him this long to...

I prefer cats or bunnies, but nothing says family like a dog. It seems Howl is already loving Tobi more than the others! Howl is a cute little puppy, hopefully we'll see more from the little bugger

Now I know why you named this story Akatsuki! I knew it had something to do with the meaning, but I wasn't sure how the meaning would be applyed. Now I know :P

Well, things are getting interesting! Can't wait for Volume 4!
6/1/2015 c9 Mokii
This was more of a slower chapter, probably to build up tension for the next chapter? Oh, by the way, I'm sorry I took so long to review q-q

Looks like they're making their move on Tobi now. And who was that creepy person online? One of the people in the area? Mitsuru or Kurosawa themselves? Either way, Tobi better watch his back!

And I knew something was up with Chiharu! She's like one of those people who live below the poverty line, but have a job. Though, her job probably doesn't pay enough, so she uses her charms and looks to get money. I wonder how both problems will be connected...

Second last chapter! Almost at the end of Volume 3!
5/27/2015 c8 Mokii
I see you're making up for that time when you didn't update

Oh, I didn't expect Sadami to explode like that. At first I thought he would simply be anxious, but then we got to see all those emotions inside being let out all at once. I think he's generally concerned about Tobi and he doesn't want to go through the grieving process again.

And at the lab, looks like things are getting instense. For some reason, it seems like Mitsuru is questioning his loyalty to Kurosawa, especially when he didn't want to tell him about Tobi. I sense some kind of overthrow in power or a betrayal down the road...

I think this fight had a significant impact on the way the three of them will see each other. And I wonder how Chiharu will fit into all of this?

Update soon~
5/24/2015 c7 Mokii
Everything was okay until something happened to Tobi. I think the memories of the orphanage triggers whatever happened to him. Well, I'm sure you'll explain what happened to him later on. But it would be cool if someone from the orphanage meets him.

Chiharu is hiding something! When someone says it's more complicated, then it's something big they're hiding, whether it'a complicated or not. I wonder if her parents are working at the lab, or used to aork at the lab...

That photographer in the middle there... was that Akiko's brother? That would be a coincidence if it was xD

Update soon~
5/24/2015 c6 Mokii
Sadami is the epitome of the teenage boy in love. He just acts cool until he thinks about it more. And poor Chikako has no idea what's going on. She's just caught in the middle of the two.

I kind of want them to go after Kurosawa, but Akiko is probably right. He knows they'll go after him, so he has everything set up in order to counter them. They somehow have to trick him, and I guess finding Tobi is the best way.

Haha, looks like these two seperate stories are going to collide very soon. Can't wait to see that!
5/22/2015 c5 Mokii
Sorry I'm so late! D:

The lab is getting really intense. Akiko is stuck between listening to Kurosawa or listening to Noboru. Plus, now he has to get his family involved in order to find Tobi. I wonder if his brother will find out that the lab is not a pharmaceutical lab after all...

This is more like a break in between, seeing how this is more of a short chapter. Though I'm kind of wondering if something's going to happen between Chiharu and Sadami. Or if Chiharu has something to tell him. They've both been out of the spotlight for a while now and I had the same reaction as Tobi did when Sadami got a 'friendly date'.

Them X-Men references. I agree with Tobi, I prefer the villains over the heroes in most cases.

It's good to be able to read Akatsuki again .
3/13/2015 c4 Mokii
This was such a sweet chapter! I'm glad they're okay and they only came out with a few injuries. Wonder how they found them though... And I'm glad Tobi finally explained to Chikako his feelings! Took 3 volumes and a lot of character development, but they made it!

I feel like Chikako became more mature, espeically late volume 2 until now. If this was volume 1, she would squeeze Tobi to death! But she just sat at his bedside and waited until he calmed down.

Oh Sadami, you and your freaking out xD

Wonder where the story will go now. I'm predicting there'll be some focus on the lab next chapter, especially with the experiement taken down.

Update soon! :3
2/23/2015 c3 Mokii
I hope Chikako and Tobi manage to make it out okay! Well, he escaped death once, I'm pretty sure he can do it again. Though, I'm nervous as to who will find them...

Tobi getting mixed up with his words is cute! He just tries to explain to Sadami that he didn't want to hurt Chikako, but he ended up sounding like he wanted her more. Tobi, just admit it, you would be her friend at least, even if she's a little annoying at times.

Even though he'd rather not, I think Tobi should train his hands more. I mean, if he comes across a tougher New Human, he's going to have a hard time matching up to their abilities. I have a feeling he's going to be put in a much messier situation sooner or later.

That act of bravery from Chikako! I was surprised she was that strong actually, or can anyone do a headlock? I've never tried it ofc.

Anyways, update soon!
2/16/2015 c2 Mokii
'Fuck... he did care." -sums up every feeling Tobi's had for Chikako throughout the story. But I was surprised at Chikako's sudden argument! I guess she really does care for him if she went through the trouble of taking off her arm to show him. This is my second favorite part of the story: the development between Chikako and Tobi. Although slow, it showed how they went from enemies to acquaintances to friends (or at least somewhat friends).

Though my favorite part is the action that's happening at the lab! There are some crazy changes since the 2nd volume, especially with Akiko and Noboru. And now Akiko made his own situation worse... he probably should've just let Kurosawa shoot him xD. Wonder how they'll manage now with the chief watching their every move?

Update soon! This is probably my new favorite chapter xD
2/9/2015 c1 Mokii
Sorry I took so long q.q I wasn't feeling great today. I feel a little better, but not much.

As soon as they mentioned the red eyes, I knew it was Subject Seventeen! Looks like the plant made their first official mistake... wonder what will happen with her now?

Hmm, Motoka's death seemed suspicious. Looks like she committed suicide, but at the same time, she loved Tobi (because like he said, you don't fake love for 8 years... unless she's really good xD). Maybe there was something else why she killed herself... or she didn't kill herself at all. Hmmmm.

Wonder how Noboru and Akiko are going to bust out of the lab! All I thinking of is them equipped with massive cannons shooting everyone xDDD

Can't wait to see how this volume will pan out .

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