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for Ode to a Fruitcake

9/15/2016 c1 10Cowboy-4-Christ
Keep up the good work
12/16/2015 c1 70BradytheJust
Well, not a fan of Fruitcake, but I'm a fan of this poem!
The last stanza especially was really well written and it flowed really well. Now I just want some (non-fruit) cake!
Great job.
3/22/2015 c1 22American Chimpanzee
I've yet to try a fruitcake that I've enjoyed, they've all been store-bought Christmas gifts, but your poem made me want to give it another shot. It always seemed like such a great idea. Fruit (which is good) cake (which is delicious) should have added up to something worth breaking your diet for. I've always heard that fruitcakes of the homemade variety were delicious, but I must hang out with the wrong class of people. Of all the Walmart fruitcakes that I've received, I was never able to find any actual fruit in them, and was never able to figure out what those colorful little squares in them were.

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