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9/9/2015 c4 1Red-Damascus-Steel
So, reading this, Nikki helped him get the clothes. Does that mean the task won't count? Or something something?

Either way, I enjoyed it! I didn't think you'd bring the supernatural in, I was surprised with the whole cougar business lol awesome!
6/17/2015 c1 Red-Damascus-Steel
DUDE! This is flippin' hilarious xD I wish I could have half the talent to write like you. Hahahaha, God, I was cracking up! This is awesome! You should continue, man! Pwease? *puppy dog eyes* hehe
4/5/2015 c1 14Virtuella
Great beginning, I hope you will continue this! In principle, I hold the idea that adults should explain to children the reasons for their decisions, but I am both a mother and a school teacher and sometimes the whiny "Why?" is indeed annoying enough to prompt the answer, "Because I says so." So I can totally sympathise with the sheriff. I hope he'll think up some hefty jobs for the kid!
2/26/2015 c1 21Marina x Machina
My curiosity is piqued. Continue this soon.

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