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for Poetry from an old man

3/9/2015 c14 27Monty Mason
Well...being that I suck at reviewing poetry and that's the only thing you've up right now. All I can say is wow. Yeah these poetry are definitely out of this world, or at least out of this time and create for a very interesting comparison between modern poetry and your great grandfather's ones.

Can't really comment on how well it's done because I'm sure for it's time it was really well done (though they don't teach such style in schools now days), but today's standards have changed (language wise). And romance is really quite evident as a recurring theme. Very well done poetry book/collection.

Now excuse me, I've to go and recollect bits and pieces of my brain that overheated from trying to decode this collection.

- Monty Mason
3/2/2015 c7 SophieBeaLouise
They're so beautiful! Oh my... :)
3/1/2015 c1 SophieBeaLouise
Amazing! They're so great! :)

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