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1/4/2017 c1 1V.A. Wynteras
Your follow up questions actually had me stay up thinking for the past 24 hours (since I started reading this about last night-1/3/17), and I would LOVE TO tell you my opinion in this review.
To answer your first question, yes the 'never give up' characters DOES appeal to me, because let's be honest: Everyone loves the underdog. The examples above in the Favorite Never Give Up Characters that reminds me of the classic underdog stories (I have to admit, I haven't seen Free! Iwatobi Swim Team, but I will make plans on doing so.) that not a lot of people think of.
To answer your second question, there ARE SO MANY. characters that stand out to me personally, and they are as follows:
1.) Princess Elizabeth- Seven Deadly Sins:
While she isn't 'powerful' in the form of battle tactics, she makes up for it through her will to fix what is right for the sake of her kingdom, as well to actually seek out the seven outlaws of the Seven Deadly Sins, putting her hopes in that after finding them, that maybe they can help her rebuild her kingdom, and along the way, she learns that not everything is what it seems. To be perfectly honest, I thought she was just another character that yes, kept the story going, but never in my wildest dreams that she proved me wrong...
If you ever get a chance to watch this anime, you would see how..intricate her character is, and to what extremes she pushes herself to protect those that she holds dear and loves. I admit, I was skeptical of considering her to be an underdog, but as the series kept going on, I found that to be an understatement; she is an underdog in her own right.

2.) Natsu Dragneel- Fairy Tail
Oh Natsu. Natsu. What can I say about this character? Bullheaded to the extreme that of a dragon (I'm using the term lightly), loyal and stronger than many characters that I've had the pleasure of watching this anime. While many other opinions may suggest characters like Naruto from Naruto and etc, but Natsu Dragneel stands out the most to me because of his ferocity and of his willpower to fight to the bitter end. He NEVER GIVES UP. His world is looking for Igneel, his Fairy Tail family (or nakama) and his friendships. I personally know for a fact that Natsu Dragneel would go up against the whole world of Earthland to protect what he loves most, because that is how strong of a bond he has with those who surround him.

3.) Kaori Miyazono- Your Lie In April
Maybe there is only a dark road up ahead but you still have to believe and keep going. Believe that the stars will light your path. Even a little bit. Come on. . . Let's go on a journey! - Miyazono Kaori
This character really struck a chord with me because of HOW intricate this character was; If you have ever watched this anime, I'm going to warn you that this anime will tug on your heartstrings like no other anime. The animation, the artwork and the story line was what BLEW me away; I could go on about Your Lie In April, but that's for another time ha ha...
Kaori was one of those characters that you have to admire as the anime progresses and the determination she has to keep going to perform for a show of a lifetime, and how she helps the main character overcome his depression. To me, that's a character with a 'NEVER GIVE UP' attitude. Kaori takes the cake.
...Ahem. Sorry. Next chapter please~
3/12/2015 c1 Wendy Thompson135th
I have always applauded the Jamaican Olympic Bobsled Team(1988). They worked hard, even if one of their member failed to make it into the sled. In 1994, the Team came in 14th, ahead of USA, Russia and Sweden. Perseverance furthers.

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