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7/7/2017 c21 LN
To be honest, I couldn't have cared less about where Kieran was in the end. It really wouldn't have mattered if had somehow managed to become more successful than Ryan and Theo, and never gotten his comeuppance. I just don't care about him at all and think that the epilogue would've been better if it had focused more on not only Ryan and Theo but also Ryan and his dad after the seven year gap, maybe get to see what kind of brother he is to Lois. From the way you've described him, he's not close at all to either of his other siblings and just seems to kind of coexist with them at best for the majority of the story. It'd be interesting to see if by letting his father back into his life he developed a closer bond with his newest than he had with the other two.

If you ever get the inspiration, it'd also be interesting to see Theo’s perspective. He's apparently attractive enough to be able to get any guy he wanted yet he chose to start something with Ryan after hanging out with him for a little bit. What made Ryan so attractive to him that Theo decided to invite him in a closet or whatever? It's just something to think about.
8/22/2016 c5 serwaverider
So when Ryan shows up uninvited, it is presumptuous and a little rude but what confuses me is Theo's tone. Ryan is correct, Theo is out, living on his own, an adult, though we don't know the dynamics of the relationship with his parents. And by all signals he does like Ryan, or is it just the great sex? I understand Ryan's confusion, though his cowardice is causing him to seek solace...still. Mom is warm, Dad is jovial, so particular about manners, just be sure you're polite. WTF?
8/22/2016 c3 serwaverider
Okey dokey. Your 'smut' is erotic. I only read m/m, all types not just erotica, and this is good. Ryan just needs to stop worrying about not being good and learn sexual communication/communication skills, figure out that if Theo cums as fast as he himself does it must feel good which I've heard is what you strive for during love-making. Good chapter. It is sad that we gays often start out with a negative self-image imprinted by the prejudiced attitudes of many in our society. Thankfully less so than in the past.
8/22/2016 c2 serwaverider
Sweet so far, enough so I am jealous, though Theo isn't asking any questions about Ryan's new...interests? Is he just making assumptions about their status?
6/8/2016 c21 30Jessica Hunter

I know the story is COMPLETE! Congratulations! But here is my review!

I loved it! I like that it was set in a collage setting, it feels all more real that way, personally. I thought the bond between Theo and Ryan could have been more 'pronounced' if that makes sense. Obviously they have chemistry, they got married! Who proposed! i can totally see both Theo or Ryan proposing. Like Ryan proposes and Theo make him squirm before answering. lol. I also like the fact that you didnt overall change Kieran, he as still a douche, but just more 'whatever already' type of douche. I'm glad you didn't make him Gay. It would have been horrible! I like that your gay characters weren't overly 'sterotypically' gay. I am also glad that you kept Ryan and Theo together! none of that first loves BS.

Again Congrats!
12/24/2015 c21 Guest
God, this was so monotonous and sort of boring. I enjoyed it. There was almost zero angst, everything worked out in the end, they were both so sure of their relationship that all their other problems seemed trivial in that they were easily fixed. No runaround or anything. Overall, it was... Nice.
12/24/2015 c9 Guest
Jess is such a cunt. ACT YOUR AGE JESS
6/29/2015 c3 8LorrahBear
I'm only three chapters in, but I can tell this is exceptionally well written. Great job!

I'd love to know more about why he lives at home and why his home-life is so restrictive (mostly his mother), as well as how he's going to deal with his "friends" and family if and when he comes out. Great job creating a world that draws the reader in.
6/20/2015 c21 5Ishotthealbatross
Why must this end? Why? I don't want it to end :( I shall miss this story.
6/20/2015 c20 Ishotthealbatross
Yay for Ryan getting the internship!

I loved the gifts they gave each other, they were really creative :-)
6/20/2015 c19 Ishotthealbatross
I loved the heart to heart. Ryan was also pretty cool, forgiving Jess for ruining the dinner with their dad :D
6/20/2015 c18 Ishotthealbatross
"It can't be too bad, spider wise" XD God, I love this story so much.
6/20/2015 c17 Ishotthealbatross
It was nice, the talk Ryan had with his mum. I love that these characters are so genuine, so real.
6/20/2015 c16 Ishotthealbatross
I kind of really, really love how you just made Ryan say it, without tons of drama and self-doubt, and wondering whether he should say it or not say it and whether Theo will say it back or not.

God, this story is really refreshing. It was fantastic that you didn't make a production out of the 'I love you' scene.
6/20/2015 c15 Ishotthealbatross
That last sentence was absolutely lovely :-)
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