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6/6/2015 c21 Littlest Firefly
I could hardly put this story down once I got started reading it. I'm so glad everything's going so great for Theo and Ryan. After everything they've been through they deserve a happy ending.

I really thought though that after seven years that Kieran would've finally grownup and become a better and decent freaking human being but I guess some people never change. Oh well Ryan doesn't need him in his life anyways especially when he's got Theo and other people who actually care about him. I do wonder if he stayed in touch with Dylan though.
6/4/2015 c21 16atenea-in-the-sky
Awwwww OMG I loved this story so much! Ryan and Theo are just adorable, and everything was just beautiful! I absolutely loved it!

Thanks for sharing! I'll be waiting for your (hopefully) next story! ;)

Best wishes!
6/4/2015 c21 14Calico Trayce
Wow this was such an amazing treat. Thank you SO much!

I was so surprised at Ryan's encounter with Kieran (*swoons*). He has such a backbone now it's ridiculous! I LOVE IT. It was so cute to read that Theo got famous, and that things worked out so well for them and that they're married. Aw, my heart swells for them!

Also, I was seriously busting a gut at the description of Kieran such a mess from his suit and tie to the food on his chin. Hahaha! I was like "oh no my perfect image of hiiiiimmmm"
6/3/2015 c20 Calico Trayce
Fantastic ending! I really love how everything wrapped into a neat little bow - except, of course, Kieran *heavy breathing*

Thank you for writing this wonderful story! I hope my reviews were not /too/ obnoxious. I get kind'a carried sometimes...
This whole thing was definitely a great escape from many of my own projects and I am so glad for it. :)

Love Calico!
6/3/2015 c19 Calico Trayce
Aww, I'm really so happy for the two of them. Seems like everything is working out for Ryan with Theo by his side! I'm glad for the talk with Jess as well.
6/3/2015 c18 Calico Trayce
I liked your author's note at the beginning. "SMUT YOU SAY?" my ears perked with interest - but it's not to say I don't like the story either, because trust me, I do a lot! I think it's been a perfect balance so far.
Ryan's internal conflicts are just so hilarious. All "woo i can do this" and then "no... i wanna be the one ravaged" then... *gasps incredibly as it dawns on me RYAN IS GOING TO TOP* EEEEEEEEEEE!

The whole thing. So. Good.
6/3/2015 c17 Calico Trayce
Yet another chapter I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked the build-up and anticipation of Theo coming over; the breakdown of Ryan's mom; the way they talked it out.

What the hell, I liked everything damnit!

It really highlighted Ryan's development so far from a kid to an adult. Perfection!
6/3/2015 c16 Calico Trayce
How horrible am I. Seriously the worst. As soon as Theo was being all weird and distant I was like "OH LAWD HERE COMES THE BREAKUP HALLELUJAH KIERAN HAS A CHANCE" then ... well I was still happy with the moving in thing trust me but that evil part of me withered painfully.

The love thing at the end... aww, it's so cute... so cute I can't stand it. What's this party about. Will he actually move in? WHAT DO KIERAN'S TEXT MESSAGES SAAAYYYYYY!?
6/3/2015 c15 Calico Trayce
Aww Theo... I knew it was so weird to have that kind of reaction. I'm so glad their relationship is so fluid - like water - they can just talk about this kind of stuff and aw... too cute.

ALTHOUGH. I must admit the deepest, darkest part of me is CRAVING a Kieran encounter...
6/3/2015 c14 Calico Trayce
Aw... Theo was... uncharacteristically mean here. I get it though... dealing with Ryan and all his dramatics and homophobic slurs must be tiresome. Still ... *sighs* aahh the drama is so good. LIKE - I should be working, wtf... instead I am sitting here reading amazingness.
6/3/2015 c12 Calico Trayce
I had such a bad feeling as soon as Kieran called - and then Facebook... what a life-ruiner.

But I hafta admit (sorry Theo) that the whole scene was so fucking hot. What's wrong with me? I dunno... really hot though. I'll be over in my corner, quietly fantasizing that Kieran was like "if you're such a fag, I'm going to fuck your ass raw" AAAHHHH *nosebleed*

I liked the scene with Ryan and his Dad. Glad he came out, confessed it all, apologized and is moving on!

Okay I loved Theo before... but sorry... sorry Theo damnit I can't resist the homophobic bad boy. I AM COMPELLED TO SHIP IT.
6/3/2015 c11 Calico Trayce
"hoping for her to produce some kind of excuse I can latch onto" - LOL.

Oh lord... bathroom sex... bathroom ORAL sex. A HUGE KINK OF MINE - OH PRAISE THE LORD! Then... then the stairs... I can't even...

*sobs at how beautiful it is* you love him... you fool *tears* you damn coward... *eats chocolate* tell him like you mean it!
6/3/2015 c10 Calico Trayce
Holy shit balls. When Ryan admitted it to Alexis like that - I was like "omg bb so good, u did so good!" I'm glad he's slowly confessing these things to the "outer-circle" characters (Dylan, Alexis). You know, leading up to the bigger confessions he will have to deal with - to Kieran, Jess, his Dad... Wonderful.

Aww Theo. Standing Ryan in front of the mirror like that... it was really creative because I was hoping to find out a little more about Ryan's appearance, and this helped a lot. Their relationship is just so freaking adorable.
6/3/2015 c9 Calico Trayce
Five years eh... well I haven't talked to my dad for 13 so I got that on you Ryan. I GOT THAT ON YOOOU. But seriously hell yea for your chapters. They are always so easy to ready, cut-to-the-chase, just enough detail without going overboard, and the length is perfect every time.

I was kind of avoiding this chapter... but how refreshing.

Side note, I once said "takes the mickey out of me" to an American... and he was like, "a mickey is a date-rape drug kind of thing" LOL. I was scared for my LIFE.

The text messages made me laugh so hard. Wow but seriously, Jess is being such a bitch. Ryan, you are clumsy AND adorable.
6/2/2015 c8 Calico Trayce
OMG liquid courage! Alcohol - such a fantastic way to both make your problems better and worse at the same time. My heart absolutely flipped when Ryan was like, "I want you to fuck me" hnnngg.

Then - the best part - OH MY FUCKING GOD THEO YOU ARE HOT AS HELL! His sexy talk... "you like it when I spank you?" giving me vapours... shit Theo, I think EVERYONE likes it when you spank Ryan.

Yes, it was a very good chapter indeed. Well worth the wait.
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