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3/22/2015 c3 Guest
Why this story only has five reviews is beyond me. I'm really enjoying the chemistry between Wyatt and Olivia so far, and like how you've made the protagonist blind (is this based on any true story/experience?); this is rare in common romances nowadays. In my opinion, It has made the story much more interesting considering that Olivia can't see Wyatt, which makes it harder for her to trust him and his womanizing ways! Can't wait for the next update! Super curious to see if wyatt's sis is actually having a baby and who's the dad.
3/21/2015 c3 3TheClosetWriter16
Aw man that was so cute! I really enjoyed the chapter :)
3/21/2015 c3 12fictionsymphony
This is a really sweet story. I'm really enjoying it.
3/19/2015 c2 Beverly
Totally guessed that she was pregnant as soon as she turned down the drink. Anyway great chapter :)
3/19/2015 c1 3TheClosetWriter16
Aw you've definitely captured my interest! :) Can't wait to read more!
3/18/2015 c1 Distilled Water
I like this so far. Continue with the good work!
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