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for Sunday on the river

3/20/2015 c1 20The Wandering Musician
The imagery in this poem is beautiful. I love how vividly you describe things and the feelings these things evoke (like "I wish I could give you the sudden flash and gleam when the sun comes out, the warmth along your back"). I also like the repetition of "I wish I could give you," which gives the whole poem a very nice feel.

I think you accidentally misplaced a hyphen, because it should be "a crystal-like tone, high and light music" (if there is one item with two words that comes before the noun, they need to be connected with a hyphen, but if it's two different items, like high music and light music, you don't need a hyphen). I also wonder if you really need both of the ... towards the end of the poem. Two in a row seems a little much, but if you really like them both, stick to your guns. :-) Keep up the great writing!

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